C3D Kernel  104598
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
aligned_union< T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 >Union-container for instance of type from a specific set of types
Array2< Type >Two-dimensional array of objects
AssemblyGeneratorAssembly generator
AttrDefInstanceAttribute definition instance
AuxiliaryDataParent class of data for manager of parallel processing
BalanceTree< Type >Balanced tree
BalanceTreeIterator< Type >Iterator of balanced tree
BalanceTreeNode< Type >Node of balanced tree
BaseStrVisitor::BaseAuxiliaryDataVisitor data. Manager providing thread-safe access to the data
BaseStrVisitorBase class for thread-safe visitor extracting a string
BasicIGESБазовый класс для IGES объектов
BicompDFSVisitor< Graph, BicompVisitor >Посетитель обхода в глубину для поиска блоков и точек сочленения
BoolPropertyBool property
BorerValuesThe hole parameters
BTreeConstConstant as a node of a binary tree
BTreeFunctionFunction as node of a binary tree
BTreeIdentVariable as a node of a binary tree
BTreeNodeBase class for nodes of the expression tree
BTreeOperationOperation with two arguments as node of binary tree
BTreeOperation1ArgOperation with one argument as a node of a binary tree
BTreeOperation3ArgsOperation with three arguments as node of syntax tree
BTreeUserFuncUser-defined function as a node of a binary tree
CacheCleanerBase class for objects which require resetting caches
CacheManager< T >Manager for parallel data processing (the cache manager)
cdet_query::cback_data< Data structure that notifies an app about collision detection event
CcArray< Type >Dynamic one-dimensional array without counter of elements number
cdet_collided_facesThe structure of the query to find collision faces
ClassDescriptorPacked class name
CommonMutexWrapper for Linux mutex API
CompareItemsResultThe result of comparison between two objects
ConstraintManager2DManager of interactions with the solver
ConvConvertorProperty3DSimple implementation of converter's properties
ConvModelDocumentImplementation of the interface of a document of an assembly model or a part model
CornerValuesParameters of vertex fillet
CosinusoidParParameters of a sinusoid creation
CountDifferenceDifference in count
CSPArray< Type >Ordered one-dimensional array
CSSArray< Type >Ordered one-dimensional array
CurveWTypeThe curve with the type and tolerance
dbg_inspector< _PairUnion >Debug Inspector of union-container (NOT completed yet!)
DefaultBicompVisitor< Graph >Посетитель алгоритма поиска блоков и точек сочленения в неориентированном графе
DefaultDFSVisitor< Graph >Пустой посетитель алгоритма обхода графа в глубину
DefRangeThe function domain
DefRangeItemElement of the function definition domain
DerivesValuesValue of the function and derivatives
DFS_element< Graph >Стековый элемент для алгоритма обхода в глубину
DimParametersParameters of size constraint
DiskreteLengthDataData for support of discrete length/radius/distance
DoublePropertyDouble property
DPtr< dtype >Smart pointer
DuplicationMatrixValuesDuplication by matrices
DuplicationMeshValuesDuplication by grid
DuplicationValuesAbstract class of duplication parameters
DXFCompositeDataBlock properties
DXFConverterDXF - converter
DXFCurveA curve
DXFCurve3DA space curve
DXFEntityObject of DXF format
DXFHandleUnique (in the document) object identifier
DXFModelerGeometrySAT stream analyzer
DXFPolyfaceMeshMesh on the base of faces
DXFPolygonMeshMesh on the base of DXF vertices
DXFPolyline::DXFSegmentPolyline segment
PriorityQueue< Index, Weight >::Element< Element of queue
empty_variantTail element for recursive determination of type recursive_union<T1,T2>
EvolutionValuesParameters of the sweeping operation
ExtensionValuesThe shell extension parameters
ExtrusionValuesThe parameters of extrusion operation
FastenersValuesThe parameters of fastener elements
FDPArray< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers
FileSpaceFile space
FormDefinitionContour shape description
FullFilletValuesParameters of face fillet
GcArgumentArgument of constraint (or geometric primitive of the solver)
GCE_adim_parsParameters of angular dimensional constraint
GCE_circleCoordinates of a circle
GCE_diagnostic_parsDiagnostic characteristics of constraint system
GCE_dim_parsParameters of dimensional constraint
GCE_dragging_pointControl point of the dragging
GCE_ellipseCoordinates of a ellipse
GCE_ldim_parsParameters of distance constraint
GCE_lineCoordinate of a line on the plane
GCE_pointCoordinates of a point on plane
GCE_point_dofDegree of freedom of a point
GCE_splineCoordinates and characteristics of a spline
GCE_vec2dVector coordinates
GCE_vecNdCoordinates of n-dimensional vector
GCM_c_paramsStructure of constraint parameters
GCM_c_recordStructure of geometric constraint record
GCM_diagnostic_parsDiagnostic characteristics of constraint system
GCM_extra_paramAdditional parameter for functions of type #GCM_dependent_func
GCM_g_recordStructure of data fields representing a geometric object
GCM_geom_axisAxis of a planar angle
GCM_pointСoordinates of point in three-dimensional space
GCM_undefined< T >Undefined value of some datatype
GCM_vec3dCoordinates of 3D-vector
GcPrecisionFixed tolerances of two-dimensional parametrization problems solving and other constants
cdet_query::geom_element< Structure representing a collision detection geometry
GeomCodeGeometric primitive encoding
GetVestigesTransDataA structure for data transmission between threads
graph_traits< Graph >Graph datatype traits
HiddenMutexHidden mutex
HoleValuesThe parameters of notch
IAttrDefinitionAttribute definition interface
IConvertor3DConverter's interface
IConvertorProperty3DInterface of converter's properties
IFC_Array< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers with counting of references
IfDrawGIInterface of debug drawing of application
IfProgressIndicatorA run progress indicator
IGetMsgThe getter of a string from string data
IMArray< Type >Ordered array of indices of the given PArray
c3d::IModelTreeGeneric tree
c3d::IModelTreeNodeTree node
index_tag< size_t >Template to generate an indexed type (for static type-matching in compile-time)
InertiaPropertiesInertial properties of solid
IntervalConstNodeInterval of simple expressions
IntervalIdentNodeInterval variable as a node of a binary tree
IntPropertyInt property
iobufStream buffer
iobuf_SeqStream buffer
IProgressIndicatorInterface of the execution progress indicator
IScaleRequestorInterface of scale request
IStitchRequestorInterface of stitching request
IStrDataData of a string
ItAlgebraicConstraintConstraint for subset of coordinates
ItAnnObjectStoreThe interface of annotated objects storage
ItAssemblyImportDataThe user defined interface for import constraint system of an assembly from CAD application
ItAssemblyReactorThe event handles related to solving the assembly
ItCamMechanismInterface "Cam mechanism"
ItConstraintItemGeometric constraint
ItCoordInterface of coordinate
MbModel::ItemConstIteratorConstant iterator on objects of the model
MbModel::ItemIteratorSimple iterator on objects of model
IFC_Array< Type >::iteratorA constant iterator (new functions can be added as necessary)
ItGeomGeometrical object
ItIntervalTreeVariableInterface of interval variable
ItMateTransmissionInterface "Mechanical transmission for two solids"
ItModelAssemblyInterface of the assembly
ItModelDetailInterface of a part
ItModelDocumentInterface of document of an assembly model or a part model
ItModelInstanceInterface of the component instance
ItModelInstancePropertiesInterface of properties of an instance, a subassembly or a part
ItPositionManagerAbstract for control of geom position in the assembly
ItSymbolObjectStoreThe interface of storage of conventional notations
ItTreeVariableInterface of variable
ItUserFuncInterface of function
JoinSurfaceValuesData for construction of surface of the joint
KdTree< Scalar >K-d tree
std::less< DefRangeItem >Comparison of elements of the definition domain
List< Type >List of pointers to elements
ListItem< Type >The list element
LIterator< Type >Iterator of list
LoftedValuesThe operation parameters of constructing solid by lofted
ConvConvertorProperty3D::LogRecordConverter message data
MaAngularDimensionAngular dimension
MaAnnotationItemAnnotation object
MaCompositeTextSet of text blocks
MaDiameterDimensionDiameter dimension
MaDimensionDimension is the parent of all classes for dimensions of different types
MaLinearDimensionLinear dimension
MaRadialDimensionRadial dimension
MaSpecificSymbolSpecific symbol
MaTerminatorSymbolDescription of the terminator symbol
MaTextItemText object
MaTextLiteralText with specification of LCS, font, align
MaTextLiteralExtentText with specification of LCS, font, alignment, size
MathCommon static data of algorithms and functions
MathItemCopyProperty< Type >The property of the object
MathItemProperty< Type >The property of the object
MatrixNNSquare matrix of numbers N x N
MbAnchorAttributeAttribute "anchor"
MbAngularDimensionAngular dimension
MbAnnCurvesThe array of annotative curves
MbAnnotationEdgeVestigeThe vestige of an annotative object
MbApex3DApex (point)
MbArcElliptical arc in two-dimensional space
MbArc3DElliptical arc in three-dimensional space
MbAssemblyAssembly unit
MbAssistingItemAssisting item of the geometric model
MbAttributeObject attributes
MbAttributeActionObject for properties
MbAttributeContainerAn attribute container
MbAttributeProviderTopological objects attributes provider
MbAutoRegDuplicateAuto-registrator of duplication
MbAutoRegTransformAuto-registrator of transformation
MbAxis3DThe axis-vector which is attached to a fixed point
MbBaseVestigeThe vestige of three-dimensional object
MbBeadParamCalculatorThe calculator of the dependent parameter of a bead
MbBeadSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material with a bead
MbBeadValuesThe bead parameters
MbBendAnySolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material with bend/unbend
MbBendByEdgeValuesThe parameter of bend construction for operation "Bend by an edge"
MbBendOverSegSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material bent along a segment
MbBendOverSegValuesThe parameter of bend construction by line for operation "Bend by a line"
MbBendsByEdgesSolidConstructor of bends by edges of a shell of a solid from sheet material
MbBendUnbendSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material with bend/unbend
MbBendValuesThe bend parameters
MbBezierBezier spline in two-dimensional space
MbBezier3DBezier spline in three-dimensional space
MbBinaryAttributeBinary attribute
MbBoolAttributeBool attribute
MbBooleanFlagsControl flags of Boolean operations
MbBooleanSolidBoolean operation constructor
MbBreaksPartPart of break
MbBreaksRebuildClass for breaks rebuilding
MbBridgeCurve3DBridge curve connecting ends of two curves
MbBSplineB-spline set of NURBS-curve
MbCartPointThe cartesian two-dimensional point
MbCartPoint3DThe three-dimensional point
MbChamferSolidConstructor of solid with edges' chamfers
MbChamferSurfaceChamfer surface
MbChannelSurfaceFillet surface with variable radius is normal or with preservation of edges
MbCharacterCurveFunctionally defined two-dimensional curve
MbCharacterCurve3DFunctionally defined curve
MbCheckTopologyParamsParameters of validation of the shell
MbClassTraits< Type >Class traits of C3D geometric kernel
MbCloseCornerGapHotPointCalcCalculator of hot point location for the gap of corner closure
MbClosedCornerSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material with corner enclosure
MbClosedCornerValuesThe bend closure parameters
MbCollectionCollection of elements
MbCollisionDetectionUtilityUtility for calculation of intersection and proximity parameters of solids
MbCommonAttributeCommon attribute - the base class
MbCompContourArrayAn array of contours belonging to the certain component
MbConeSpiralConical spiral
MbConeSurfaceConical surface
MbConnectingCurveCreatorConstructor of curve connecting two curves
MbConstFunctionConstant function
MbConstraintElementary constraint
MbConstraintItemGenerator of a model in the solver
MbConstraintSystem2DGeometric constraints system
MbGridSurface::MbContentEnvironment of triangular plate's vertex
MbContourContour in two-dimensional space
MbContour3DContour in three-dimensional space
MbContourOnPlaneContour on plane
MbContourOnSurfaceContour on surface
MbContourWithBreaksContour with breaks
MbControlDataThe data for two-dimensional object control
MbControlData3DThe data for three-dimentional object control
MbCoonsPatchSurfaceCoons surface on four curves
MbCornerSurfaceTriangular surface on curves
MbCosinusoidCosinusoid in two-dimensional space
MbCoverSurfaceQuadrangular surface on curves
MbCreatorConstructor of object of the geometric model
MbCrookedSpiralSpiral with a curvilinear axis
MbCrossPointIntersection point of two curves
MbCubeThe bounding box
MbCubicFunctionCubic Hermite function
MbCubicSplineCubic spline in two-dimensional space
MbCubicSpline3DCubic spline
MbCubicSplineFunctionCubic spline function
MbCurvatureCurvature and principal curvature direction data
MbCurveCurve in two-dimensional space
MbCurve3DCurve in three-dimensional space
MbCurveBoundedSurfaceThe surface bounded by curves
MbCurveEdgeFace edge
MbCurveEvolutionSolidConstructor of shell of evolution solid
MbCurveExtrusionSolidConstructor of an extrusion solid's shell
MbCurveIntoNurbsInfoAdditional information for transformation of a curve or surface to NURBS
MbCurveLoftedSolidConstructor of a lofted shell
MbCurveRevolutionSolidConstructor of a revolution shell
MbCurveSpiralSpiral with a variable radius
MbCurveSweptSolidConstructor a solid's shell by forming curves
MbCurveVestigeThe information about a curve vestige
MbCutLumpSolid with a sing cutting in derive view
MbCuttingSolidCut solid constructor
MbCylinderSurfaceThe cylindrical surface
MbDetachSolidConstructor subdividing a set of faces into connected parts
MbDimensionalDimensional constraint
MbDirectionTwo-dimensional normalized vector
MbDisplacementCalculatorThe bend displacement calculator
MbDistanceDistance between objects
MbDoubleAttributeDouble attribute
MbDraftSolidConstructor of a shell with drafted faces
MbDuplicationSolidConstructor of duplication face sets
MbEdgeFacesIndexesIndex of edge identification
MbEdgeFunctionA structure for edge and function transferring
MbEdgeSequenceSequence of edges
MbEdgeVestigeThe vestige of an edge or a curve
MbElementElement of tesselation of solid volume
MbElementaryAttributeElementary attribute - the base class
MbElementarySolidConstructor of shell for elementary solid
MbElementarySurfaceAn elementary surface
MbElevationSurfaceLofted surface with guide curve
MbEvolutionSurfaceThe swept surface
MbEvolutionSurface::MbEvolutionSurfaceAuxiliaryDataAuxiliary data
MbExactApex3DApex on double data
MbExactGridTriangulation on double data
MbExactionSurfaceSweep with guide curve surface with rotating ends
MbExactPolygon3DPolygon on double data
MbExpansionSurfaceMotion surface (plane-parallel swept surface)
MbExplorationSurfaceThe swept surface with scaling and winding of generation curve
MbExtensionShellConstructor of an extended face of a shell
MbExternalAttributeUser external attribute - the base class
MbExtrusionLayoutThe parameters of Boolean operation of extrusion to object
MbExtrusionSurfaceExtrusion surface
MbFaceAndGridMathematical face and its calculated grid
MbFaceModifiedSolidConstructor of a modified shell
MbFaceShellShell or set of faces
MbFaceVestigeThe vestige of a face
MbFilletSolidEdges fillet constructor
MbFilletSurfaceFillet surface of constant radii, ordinary or with preservation of fillet
MbFixAttrSetFixed set of attributes
MbFlagsProvides the common interface for bit-flags treatment
MbFloatApex3DApex on float data
MbFloatGridTriangulation on float data
MbFloatPointA two-dimensional point
MbFloatPoint3DThree-dimensional point
MbFloatPolygon3DPolygon on float data
MbFloatVector3DThree-dimensional vector
MbFormNoteWay for polygonal object constructing
MbFunctionScalar function of parameter
MbFunctionFactoryFactory of functions
MbGarbageCollectionGarbage collector for objects which use caches
MbGeomAttributeGeometric attribute
MbGregorySurfaceThe surface on the bounding contour
MbGridLoopBorder of triangulation
MbGridSegmentA polygonal mesh segment (segmentation result)
MbGridSurfaceSurface based on triangulation
MbHermitComposite Hermite cubic spline in two-dimensional space
MbHermit3DComposite Hermite cubic spline in three-dimensional space
MbHoleSolidConstructor of shell of hole, pocket, groove
MbHomogeneousExtended point with homogeneous coordinates in the two-dimensional space
MbHomogeneous3DExtended point with homogeneous coordinates in the three-dimensional space
MbIdArrTruncated set of simple names
MbIdentifierObject identifier
MbInstanceInstance of object
MbInt64AttributeInt64 attribute
MbIntAttributeInt attribute
MbIntCurveCreatorIntersection curve constructor
MbIntersectionDataInformation about two solids intersection
MbItemA model geometric object
c3d::MbItemDataTree node data
MbItemIndexIndex of object identification
MbItemThinValuesExtended index of object identification
MbJalousieParamCalculatorThe calculator of trimmed jalousie parameters
MbJalousieSolidConstructor of a shell form sheet material with jalousie
MbJalousieValuesThe parameters of jalousie
MbJogSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material with a jog
MbJogValuesThe parameters for operation "undercutting"
MbJoinShellConstructor of a join shell
MbJoinSurfaceThe surface of the joint
MbJointBendSolidConstruction of a composite bend
MbJointBendUtilsAuxiliary functions for a composite bend (a bend from a sketch)
MbJointBendValuesThe parameters of combined bend
MbKCalculatorCalculator of the neutral layer coefficient
MbLabelA label for performing of operations
MbLeaderLeader conventional notation
MbLegendAuxiliary geometric object
MbLineLine in two-dimensional space
MbLine3DLine in three-dimensional space
MbLinearDimensionLinear dimension
MbLineFunctionLinear function
MbLineSegmentLine segment in two-dimensional space
MbLineSegment3DLine segment in three-dimensional space
MbListVarsList of variables
MbLocalSectionMapIteratorThe iterator of local views of sections of solid
MbLoftedSurfaceLofted surface passing through given family of curves
MbLoftedSurface::MbLoftedSurfaceAuxiliaryDataAuxiliary data
MbLoopFace loop
MbLumpSolid, matrix of its transformation and identifiers of owners
MbLumpAndFacesA solid with an array of faces and triangulation grids
MbLumpCubeSolid bounding box, matrix of its transformation and identifiers of owners
MbMapBodiesPArrayThe set of solids projections
MbMappingLumpsA solid or a set of solids which are defined in a coordinate system with an attribute of cutting in sections and cutaways
MbMapSettingsParameters for the construction of one view projection.
MbMapViewInfoThe information about a view
MbMapVisibilityModeVisibility mode of mapping
MbMarkerMarker with properties of a geometric object
MbMatrixThe extended matrix of transformation in a two-dimensional space
MbMatrix3DThe extended matrix of transformation in a three-dimensional space
MbMedianShellConstructor of a median shell of solid
MbMergingFlagsControl flags of shell items merging
MbMeshThe polygonal geometric object - Mesh
MbMeshProcessorClass for creating a BRep solid by polygonal mesh
MbMeshShellConstructor of a shell from a mesh of curves
MbMeshSurfaceThe surface constructed by the grid curves
MbMiterValuesThe bend closure parameters with the performing closure flag
MbModelGeometric model
c3d::MbModelTreeTree of geometric model
MbModifiedNurbsItemConstructor of a shell with deformable faces
MbNameA name of an object
MbNameAttributeTopological name
MbNamedAttributeContainerAttribute container
MbNamedContoursTreeThe tree of named contours
MbNameMakerName generator
MbNamePairName of object and its duplicate
MbNamePairListTable of names correspondence
MbNameVersionVersion of a name
MbNestSyncItemBase synchronization object with lazy initialization which supports nested locks
MbNurbsNURBS curve in two-dimensional space
MbNurbs3DNURBS curve in three-dimensional space
MbNurbs3DCreatorSpatial spline constructor
MbNurbsBlockSolidConstructor of a shell in the form of block
MbNurbsModificationModifier of a shell with a deformable face
MbNurbsParametersParameters for the construction of a NURBS copy of the object
MbNurbsPointInfoParameters of knot point of the object spline copy
MbNurbsSurfacesSolidConstructor of a shell from NURBS-surfaces
MbOffsetCurveOffset extended curve
MbOffsetCurve3DOffset curve in three-dimensional space
MbOffsetCurveCreatorOffset curve constructor
MbOffsetSurfaceOffset surface
MbOrientedEdgeOriented edge
MbPartSolidDataInformation about the solid part
MbPartSolidIndexIdentifier of the part of the solid
MbPartSolidIndicesIdentifiers of the parts of the solid
MbPatchCreatorConstructor of a patch-shaped shell
MbPatchCurveCurve for the patch construction
MbPathPath to component
MbPersistentNestSyncItemBase synchronization object with support of nested locks
MbPersistentSyncItemBase object providing means of synchronization
MbPersonOrganizationInfoInformation related to a person and the organization he/she in
MbPlacementLocal coordinate system in two dimensional space
MbPlacement3DLocal coordinate system in three dimensional space
MbPlanarGridTriangulation of a two-dimensional region
MbPlaneA plane
MbPlaneCurvePlane curve in three-dimensional space
MbPlaneInstanceInstance of a two-dimensional sketch objects
MbPlaneItemGeometric object in two-dimensional space
MbPntLocAn object with information about the point location relative to the shell
MbPntMatingData< Vector >Parameters of conjugation at point
MbPoint3DThree-dimensional point with properties of geometric object
MbPointCurveThe curve degenerated to a point
MbPointOnCurve< Curve >Point on a curve
MbPointsSymbolConventional notation on base points
MbPolyCurveCurve in two-dimensional space, defined by points
MbPolyCurve3DCurve in three-dimensional space, defined by points
MbPolygonTwo-dimensional polygon
MbPolygon3DSolidA polygon with a solid
MbPolylinePolyline in two-dimensional space
MbPolyline3DPolyline in three-dimensional space
MbPolySurfaceA surface specified by rectangular matrix of points
MbPositionDataData for operation dimensions
MbPowerFunctionPower function
MbProductAttributeBase calss of product attributes
MbProductInfoProduct data
MbProjCurveProjection curve
MbProjCurveCreatorProjection wireframe constructor
MbProjectionsObjectsThe additional projected objects
MbPropertiesSet of object properties
MbRadialDimensionRadial dimension
MbRectBounding rectangle
MbRect1DOne-dimensional cube
MbRect2DA two-dimensional cube
MbRect3DThree-dimensional cube
MbRefItemReference-counted object
MbRegDuplicateRegistrator of copied objects
MbRegionTwo-dimensional region
MbRegionBooleanParamsBoolean operation parameters over regions
MbRegTransformRegistrator of transformable objects
MbReparamCurveReparametrized curve in two-dimensional space
MbReparamCurve3DReparametrized curve in three-dimensional space
MbRestoredEdgesSolidConstructor of side edges of bends
MbReverseCreatorConstructor of a reversed solid
MbRevolutionLayoutThe parameters of Boolean operation of revolution to object
MbRevolutionSurfaceRevolution surface
MbRevolutionSurface::MbRevolutionSurfaceAuxiliaryDataAuxiliary data
MbRibSolidConstructor of a solid with a rib
MbRoughRoughness notation
MbRuledShellConstructor of a ruled shell
MbRuledShellGapCalcCalculator of hot point location for the gap of corner closure
MbRuledSolidConstructor of a sheet ruled shell
MbRuledSolidValuesA ruled shell parameters
MbRuledSurfaceRuled surface
MbSectionMapA data for constructing a set of sections and cutaways of shells
MbSectionMapIteratorThe iterator of section views of solid
MbSectionMapIteratorAbsThe interface of iterator of section views
MbSectorSurfaceSectorial surface
MbSheetMetalBendOuter and inner faces of bend with parameters
MbSheetMetalSolidConstructor of a shell from sheet material
MbSheetMetalValuesParameters of solid construction from sheet material
MbSheetRibHotPointCalculatorCalculator of hot point location for the sheet rib
MbSheetUnionSolidConstructor of operation of union of sheet solids by butt
MbShellHistoryFaces history
MbShellSolidConstructor of an offset shell
MbBendByEdgeValues::MbSideParameters of one boundary of bend
MbSilhouetteCurveIsocline curve or silhouette curve of surface
MbSimbolthThreadViewThe implementation of the annotation view interface
MbSimpleCreatorConstructor of a solid shell without history
MbSimplifyFlatPatternValuesParameters of the simplification corners operation.
MbSimplifyFlatSolidConstructor of the simplified flat pattern
MbSinusFunctionSinus function
MbSlotValuesThe parameters of stress relieving of bending
MbSMBendNamesParameters and names of bend's elements
MbSmoothSolidConstructor of chamfer or fillet of solid's edges
MbSmoothSurfaceSmooth surface
MbSNameMakerGenerator of names with additions to name
MbSolidSolid solid
MbSpaceCurvesAn array of spatial curves for projection
MbSpaceInstanceInstance of three-dimensional object
MbSpaceItemGeometrical object in three-dimensional space
MbSpaceParamPntA space-parametric point
MbSpacePointsThe array of spatial points for projection
MbSphereSurfaceSpherical surface
MbSphericalStampSolidConstructor of a shell from the sheet material with spherical stamping
MbSpineCurvilinear spine for sweep surface
MbSpiralSurfaceSpiral surface
MbSplineSurfaceNURBS surface
MbSplitDataTruncating elements
MbSplitShellConstruction of a shell with splitting of faces
MbStampingValuesThe parameters of stamping
MbStampRibAttributeAttribute of reinforsed rib of sheet solid
MbStampRibSolidConstructor of a sheet solid with a rib
MbStampSolidConstructor of a shell from the sheet material with stamping
MbStepDataData for step calculation
MbStitchedSolidConstructor of a shell by stitching the faces
MbStringAttributeString attribute
MbStyleStyle of drawing lines
MbSurfaceSurface in three-dimensional space
MbSurfaceCurveCurve on surface
MbSurfaceCurve::MbSurfaceCurveAuxiliaryDataAuxiliary data
MbSurfaceIntersectionCurveIntersection curve of two surfaces
MbSurfaceSplineCreatorSpatial spline constructor
MbSurfDistDistance between points on surface
MbSweptDataThe generating data
MbSweptLayoutThe parameters of Boolean operation of extrusion or revolution to object
MbSweptSideParameters of rotation and extrusion
MbSweptSurfaceSwept surface
MbSymbolConventional notation
MbSymbolVestigeThe vestige of a conventional notation
MbSymmetrySolidConstructor of a symmetric solid
MbSyncItemBase synchronization object with lazy initialization
MbTempCircleAuxiliary circle
MbThinShellCreatorConstructor of a shell from a surface
MbTopItemTopological object in three-dimensional space
MbTopologyItemTopological object with name
MbTorusSurfaceToroidal surface
MbTransactionsThe history tree of object
MbTransformedSolidConstructor of a transformed shell
c3d::MbTreeNodeTree node
MbTrimmedCurveTrimmed curve in two-dimensional space
MbTrimmedCurve3DTrimmed curve in three-dimensional space
MbGridSurface::MbTrivelaTriangular plate
MbTruncatedShellConstructor of a truncated shell
MbUnionSolidConstructor of union of two face sets to one face set
MbUpdateStampStamp of update time
MbUserAttributeUser system attribute
MbUserFuncUser-defined function
MbUuidGlobal unique identifier
MbVectorTwo-dimensional vector
MbVector3DVector in three-dimensional space
MbVEFVestigesThe set of arrays which are given after getting of all lines
MbVertexVestigeThe vestige of a vertex
MbVisualProperties for OpenGL
MbWidthThickness of drawing lines
MbWireCountThe number of u-mesh and v-mesh drawing lines
MbWireFrameThree-dimensional wire frame
MdAnalyticalFunctionThe analytical function
MdCharacterFunctionThe symbolic function
MedianShellValuesOperation parameters of median shell between selected faces of solid
membufMemory stream buffer
MeshSurfaceValuesSurface parameter by grid of curves
MI3DPropertiesVolume mass-inertial properties
MIPropertiesMass-inertial properties of curve
ModifyValuesParameter for direct editing of solid
MpGraphContours construction graph
MtADimensionTraitsCharacteristic data of angular dimension
MtArgumentGeometric argument of constraint
MtBicompSearch< Graph >Отображение реберных свойств для графов, поддерживающих концепцию смежности вершин (без явных ребер)
MtConstraintIterIterator traversing assembly constraints
MtGeomArgumentAn argument of geometric constraint
MtGeomConstraintGeometric constraint
MtGeomSolverGeometric constraint solver
MtGeomVariantGeometric object, argument of geometric constraint
MtLDimensionTraitsCharacteristic data of linear dimension
MtMateParametersParameters of proximity to solution for geometric constraint
MtMatingGeometryData structure for matched geometry
MtParVariantNumeric or enumerated parameter of constraint
MtRefItemBase class for objects with reference counting
MtStrongComponents< Graph, SCVisitor, VertexPropertyMap >Алгоритм поиска компонент сильной связности в орграфе
MtTransDofRecord about the degree of freedom of movement
MultiMap< KeyType, ValType >Associative set with duplicates (multiset)
NameDifferenceNaming difference between two primitives
NameIntersectionInfoName with hits counter
NDoublePropertyDouble property with number
null_typeEmpty data type
NurbsBlockValuesThe parameters for construction of NURBS-block
NurbsSurfaceValuesThe parameters of spline surface
NurbsValuesParameters of the deformable face
ParallelRegionGuardScoped guard of parallel region
PArray< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers
PatchValuesThe parameters of patch
PIArray< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers with iterator functions
PMIArray< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers with iterator functions
PocketValuesThe parameters of pocket or boss
PointDifferenceDifference of points
PointersArrayIterator< Array, Type >Iterator of array
PointersIterator< Type >Interface of iterator
PointersListIterator< Type >Iterator of list
Polyline3DPointPoint parameters for creation of a polyline
PrimitiveDifferenceDifferences of primitives
PriorityQueue< Index, Weight >Priority queue using a heap
ProgressBarWrapperThe wrapper of the execution progress indicator
PropType< Type >Object type and property type correspondence structure
readerStream for reading
reader_exStream for reading from several FileSpaces by given positions in clusters
recursive_union< Type, Tail >Recursive definition of class "union-container"
ref_pair< _Ty1, _Ty2 >A pair of references
RefItemProperty< Type >The property of the object
RegularModelDocumentImplementation of model document which has regular structure
SceneProcessRep::RepProcessInfoAuxiliary data structure for representation control
RevolutionValuesThe parameters of revolution operation
RibValuesParameters of a rib
RPArray< Type >One-dimensional array of pointers to objects
RPStack< Type >Stack of pointers
RuledSurfaceValuesData for the construction of a ruled surface
rwStream for reading and writing
SArray< Type >Array of plain old data structures (POD)
SArray_assign< T >Initialization of an array by the list of values
SceneProcessRepProcessRep class for process representation
ScopedLockScoped lock. Can accept a null pointer to a mutex. Locking occurs if the pointer to the mutex is nonzero and the code runs in parallel
ScopedReadProgressScoped progress indicator for reader
ScopedRecursiveLockRecursive scoped lock. Can accept a null pointer to a mutex. Locking occurs if the pointer to the mutex is nonzero and the code runs in parallel
SFDPArray< Type >Sorted one-dimensional array of pointers to objects
SheetRibValuesParameters of a sheet metal rib
SIArray< Type >One-dimensional array of objects with iterator functions
SimpleNameArraySet of simple names
SlotValuesThe parameters of slot
SmoothValuesParameters of fillet or chamfer of edge
SolidMIAttireSolid, its properties and transformation matrices of solid duplicates
sorting_array< KeyType, _Pr >Dynamic container for storing elements of an ordered set
SpineDataA spine curve and its neighborhood
SPtr< T >Smart pointer to objects with reference counter
SPtrPair< RefItem >A pair of smart pointers
SQueue< Type >Queue of objects without destructors
SRef< T >Smart reference to objects with reference counter
SSArray< Type >Ordered array
SStack< Type >A stack of objects
static_array< Elem, arrSize >Static vector
static_pair< Elem >Static vector of two elements (pair)
StMLTipParamsTip parameters structure
strbufA buffer of a CHAR-string
StrData< T >Specific data of a string
StrHashHash with a string type
string_generatorGenerator of MbUuid from string
StringPropertyString property
StVertexOfMultilineInfoInformation about a vertex
SweptValuesThe parameters of form-generating operation
SweptValuesAndSidesThe parameters of extrusion or rotation
tapeThe base class of the stream for implementation of reading and writing
TapeBaseBase class for stream classes
TapeClass"Wrapper" for one stream class
TapeClassContainerArray of stream classes registration
TapeManagerStream manager
TapeRegistratorArray for object registration while reading/writing
TapeRegistratorExArray for registration of objects with information about reading/writing position
TAPointer< T >A smart pointer to an array of objects
TMBoxSizeBox sizes
TOwnPointer< T >A smart pointer to an object
TPointer< T >A smart pointer to an object
TPointer< char >A smart pointer to an array of symbols
TPointerBase< T >Base class of smart pointer
TransformValuesThe parameters of object scaling
TreeIntervalNodeNode of interval expression tree
TriVertexVertex of a polygon
type_which< T, idx >Get variant type with a given index
UIntPropertyUint property
union_conductor< _PairUnion, typeNb, power >Conductor of visitor for recursively given container
UserAttrDefinition< AttrClass >A template of user attribute definition
UserAttrDefinitionInstance< AttrDefClass >A template of "Definition" phenomenon of user attribute
c3d::UserDataMapA container for user data of a tree node
VectorDifferenceDifference of normals
VersionContainerContainer of versions
VersionPropertyVersion property
VisitorAbstract base class of the visitor
VisitorImpl< T >A generallized declaration of support of the object visit by a concrete visitor
VSN_CLASSAbstract representation class
wcsbufA buffer of a WCHAR-string
which_type< _PairUnion, _Type >Get type index from the list of union-container
writerStream for writing
writer_exStream for writing to several FileSpaces
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