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Collision Detection
Geometric Computations Methods
Collaboration diagram for Collision Detection:


struct  cdet_collided_faces
 The structure of the query to find collision faces. More...
class  MbCollisionDetectionUtility
 Utility for calculation of intersection and proximity parameters of solids. More...


typedef MbHRepSolid * cdet_item
 Object of the set for collision detection.
typedef MbResultType cdet_result
 Result code of collision queries.
typedef const void * cdet_app_item


MbResultType InterferenceSolids (MbSolid &solid1, MbSolid &solid2, std::vector< MbCurveEdge * > *edges, std::vector< ptrdiff_t >(*faceNumbers)[4])
 Calculation of intersections between solids using the boolean operations.


const cdet_result CDET_RESULT_Intersected = rt_Intersect
const cdet_result CDET_RESULT_NoIntersection = rt_NoIntersect
const cdet_item CDET_NULL = NULL
 Empty object of the collision query set.
const cdet_app_item CDET_APP_NULL = NULL
 "Null object" of the client app.

Function Documentation

MbResultType InterferenceSolids ( MbSolid solid1,
MbSolid solid2,
std::vector< MbCurveEdge * > *  edges,
std::vector< ptrdiff_t >(*)  faceNumbers[4] 

Calculation of intersections between solids using the boolean operations.

[in]solid1- The first solid.
[in]solid2- The second solid.
[out]edges- Intersection edges.
[out](*faceNumbers)[4]- Numbers of intersection faces.
faceNumbers[0] - intersected faces of the first solid,
faceNumbers[1] - intersected faces of the second solid,
faceNumbers[2] - similar faces of the first solid,
faceNumbers[3] - similar faces of the second solid.
Operation result code.
The solids will be modified by this operation! To keep the body intact, give the copies made using MbSolid::Duplicate().
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