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alg_silhouette_hide.h File Reference

Obtaining the isocline curves. More...

#include <templ_rp_array.h>
#include <math_define.h>
#include <mb_variables.h>


void CreateSurfaceHide (const MbSurface &surf, const MbPlacement3D &eyePlace, double sag, RPArray< MbCurve > &hideCurves, VERSION version=Math::DefaultMathVersion())
 Get the array of surface silhouette curves of planar projection. More...
void CalculateHideMesh (const MbSurface &surf, const MbVector3D &eyeDir, double sag, MbMesh *&mesh, VERSION version=Math::DefaultMathVersion())
 Calculate mesh. More...

Detailed Description

Obtaining the isocline curves.