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cdet_data.h File Reference

Data types of collision detection. More...

#include <templ_sptr.h>
#include <mb_cart_point.h>
#include <mb_operation_result.h>
#include <mb_matrix3d.h>
#include <set>
#include <map>


struct  cdet_query
 Data structure and callbacks for the collision search request. More...
struct  cdet_query::geom_element
 < Structure representing a collision detection geometry. More...
struct  cdet_query::cback_data
 < Data structure that notifies an app about collision detection event. More...
struct  cdet_collided_faces
 The structure of the query to find collision faces. More...


typedef const MbHRepSolid * cdet_item
 Object from the set of collision detection.
typedef MbResultType cdet_result
 Result code of collision queries.


const cdet_item CDET_NULL = nullptr
 Empty object of the collision query set.
const cdet_app_item CDET_APP_NULL = nullptr
 "Null object" of the client app.

Detailed Description

Data types of collision detection.