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Distance between points on surface. More...

#include <alg_dimension.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbSurfDist ()
 MbSurfDist (double _d, const MbCartPoint &_uv1, const MbCartPoint &_uv2, bool plus)
 The constructor by data.
 MbSurfDist (const MbSurfDist &other)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~MbSurfDist ()
 The destructor.
void Init (const MbSurfDist &obj)
 Copy function.
double GetDistance () const
 Get distance.
const MbCartPointGetPointOne () const
 Get the point on the first surface.
const MbCartPointGetPointTwo () const
 Get the point on the second surface.
bool IsPositive () const
 Is the distance positive?
bool IsNegative () const
 Is the distance negative?
const MbSurfDistoperator= (const MbSurfDist &other)
 Assignment operator.


class MbMinMaxSurfDists

Detailed Description

Distance between points on surface.

The class contains data about the distance between points and their coordinates on surfaces.

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