C3D kernel

The C3D technology developed by ASCON allows you to combine 2D and 3D modelers, 3D and 2D parameterizers and all the necessary converters in one product. One product designed for all your tasks.

There aren’t many products on the CAD market that can equally well tackle both 3D and 2D tasks. Do you wonder why it is so hard to build a universal solution? Maybe it is just because incorrect components are chosen? For 23 years ASCON has been working on a unified 2D/3D solution based on its monolithic kernel. Our CAD system KOMPAS-3D built based on the C3D kernel has become the most popular 3D solution in Russia and the CIS. And now we would like to open our doors to all developers of CAD applications and make our kernel available for licensing in early 2013.

What are we developing ?

The developed kernel consists of three closely related components:

The kernel allows the final application developer to:

Kernel functionality

C3D Modeler

C3D Solver

C3D Converter

Supported formats:

Development platform

At the moment, the kernel works under the following operating systems:

The following development environments should be used for development:


Download booklet

C3D kernel e-mail: c3d@ascon.ru

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