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The tree of named contours. More...

#include <name_contour_tree.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbNamedContoursTree (const MbContour *con=nullptr, bool o=true)
 ~MbNamedContoursTree ()
void FillTree (RPArray< MbContour > &comContours, double eps, VERSION version)
 Form the tree.
size_t GetChildrenCount () const
 Get count of trees.
const MbNamedContoursTreeGetTreeContour (size_t index) const
 Get contour tree by an index.
MbResultType CheckProfiles (bool base) const
 Check groups of contours for absence of intersection.
const MbContourGetContour () const
 Get the pointer to the external contour.

Detailed Description

The tree of named contours.

The tree of named contours.

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