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MbObjectAlignmentParams Class Reference

Parameters of object alignment. More...

#include <op_mesh_parameter.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbObjectAlignmentParams (MbeIcpHintUsageMode hintUsageMode)
 MbObjectAlignmentParams (std::vector< MbMatrix3D > hintArray)
 ~MbObjectAlignmentParams ()
void SetPointRejectionMode (MbeIcpPointRejectionMode pointRejectionMode)
 Set the point rejection mode.
void SetPointPairsMax (size_t pointPairsMax)
 Set the maximum count of point pairs.
void SetIterationMax (size_t iterationMax)
 Set the maximum iteration count.
void SetHintArray (const std::vector< MbMatrix3D > &hintArray)
 Set the hint array.
MbeIcpHintUsageMode GetHintUsageMode () const
 Get the hint usage mode.
MbeIcpPointRejectionMode GetPointRejectionMode () const
 Get the point rejection mode.
size_t GetPointPairsMax () const
 Get the maximum count of point pairs.
size_t GetIterationMax () const
 Get the maximum iteration count.
const std::vector< MbMatrix3D > & GetHintArray () const
 Get the given hint array.

Detailed Description

Parameters of object alignment.

Parameters of object alignment. According to _hintUsageMode there are three working options:

  • without any hint (object alignment from their initial positions; most suitable for partially overlapping objects),
  • with automatic hint detection (for a moving object some initial transformation calculated by means of inertial properties is applied; most suitable for objects identical or nearly identical in shape),
  • with a given hint array (having launched the alignment procedure for every given initial transformation, the best result is chosen).
    Under development.

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