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MbOctaLatticeParams Member List

This is the complete list of members for MbOctaLatticeParams, including all inherited members.

GetCount(size_t i) constMbOctaLatticeParamsinline
GetNameMaker() constMbOctaLatticeParamsinline
GetPoint(size_t i) constMbOctaLatticeParamsinline
GetRadius(size_t i) constMbOctaLatticeParamsinline
MbOctaLatticeParams(const MbCartPoint3D &p0, const MbCartPoint3D &p1, const MbCartPoint3D &p2, double radiusX, double radiusY, double radiusZ, size_t xCount, size_t yCount, size_t zCount, const MbSNameMaker &names)MbOctaLatticeParams