C3D Toolkit  Kernel - 117982, Vision -
Here is a list of all modules:
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 C3D Modeler: The Geometric Modelling Module
 Geometric Objects
 Geometric Model Objects
 Topological Objects
 Ancillary Items
 Two-Dimensional uv-Curves
 Two-Dimensional Regions
 Algorithm Objects
 Three-Dimensional Base Objects
 Two-Dimensional Base Objects
 Scalar Functions
 Operation Parameters
 Shell Building Parameters
 Sheet Metal Building Parameters
 Direct Building Parameters
 Surface Building Parameters
 Space Curve Building Parameters
 Curve Building Parameters
 Data Structures
 Geometric Construction Methods
 Solid Modeling
 Shell Modeling
 Sheet Metal Modeling
 Direct Solid Modeling
 Construction of Surfaces
 Construction of Curves
 Construction of uv-Curves in Two-Dimensional Space
 Operations with Points
 Base Algorithms
 Algorithms in Three-Dimensional Space
 Algorithms in Two-Dimensional Space
 Geometric Computations Methods
 Polygonal Objects
 Construction of Plane Projections
 Mass-Inertial Properties
 Collision Detection
 Objects Visualization
 Templates and Serializations Library
 Smart Pointers
 Work with Strings
 Work with Streams
 Graph Library
 C3D Solver: The Geometric Constraints Module
 Geometric Constraint Solver in Three-Dimensional Space
 Basic functions and data types
 Object-oriented interface
 Auxiliary routines
 Geometric Constraint Solver in Two-Dimensional Space
 Solver Interface
 C3D Converter: The Converters Module
 Converters Interface
 Supported Data Formats
 Parasolid Converter
 ACIS Converter
 IGES Converter
 STEP Converter
 STL Converter
 VRML Converter
 DXF Converter for 3D
 C3D Vision: The Geometry Data Visualization Module
 Scene representation set as a graph
 Geometry representation for the scene
 Scene rendering and manipulation
 Camera control processes
 –źuxiliary tool
 Search for geometric objects