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MbProperties Member List

This is the complete list of members for MbProperties, including all inherited members.

_Begin() constRPArray< Type >inlineprotected
_Begin()RPArray< Type >inlineprotected
_End() constRPArray< Type >inlineprotected
Add(Type *)RPArray< Type >inline
AddAfter(Type *e, size_t index)RPArray< Type >inline
AddArray(const RPArray< Type > &)RPArray< Type >inline
AddAt(Type *e, size_t index)RPArray< Type >inline
AddCArray(const Type **, size_t count)RPArray< Type >inline
AddMemory(size_t n)RPArray< Type >inlineprotected
Adjust()RPArray< Type >inline
AutoDelta() constRPArray< Type >inlineprotected
begin() constRPArray< Type >inline
begin()RPArray< Type >inline
capacity() constRPArray< Type >inline
CatchMemory()RPArray< Type >inlineprotected
cbegin() constRPArray< Type >inline
cend() constRPArray< Type >inline
clear()PArray< MbProperty >inlinevirtual
CompFunc typedefRPArray< Type >
Count() constRPArray< Type >inline
countRPArray< Type >protected
deltaRPArray< Type >protected
Delta() constRPArray< Type >inline
Delta(uint16 newDelta)RPArray< Type >inline
DetachAll()RPArray< Type >inline
DetachInd(size_t delIndex)RPArray< Type >inline
DetachObj(const Type *delObject)RPArray< Type >inline
emplace_back(const Type *e)RPArray< Type >inline
end() constRPArray< Type >inline
end()RPArray< Type >inline
erase(Iterator pos)RPArray< Type >
erase(Iterator first, Iterator last)RPArray< Type >
FindByPrompt(MbePrompt p, uint type) constMbProperties
FindByPrompt(uint type, MbePrompt p) constMbProperties
FindIt(const Type *) constRPArray< Type >inline
Flush(DelType=defDelete)PArray< MbProperty >inline
GetAddr() constRPArray< Type >inlineprotected
GetLast() constRPArray< Type >inline
GetName() constMbPropertiesinline
HardFlush(DelType shdl=defDelete)PArray< MbProperty >inline
Insert(size_t index, Type *)RPArray< Type >inline
insert(Iterator pos, const Type *e)RPArray< Type >
InsertArray(const RPArray< Type > &, size_t index)RPArray< Type >inline
IsExist(const Type *) constRPArray< Type >inline
MaxIndex() constRPArray< Type >inline
Name() constMbPropertiesinline
nowDeletedElemPArray< MbProperty >protected
RPArray::operator=(RPArray< Type > &&)RPArray< Type >
operator[](size_t loc) constRPArray< Type >inline
ownsPArray< MbProperty >protected
OwnsElem() constPArray< MbProperty >inline
OwnsElem(bool ownsEl)PArray< MbProperty >inline
PArray()PArray< MbProperty >inline
PArray(size_t i_upper, uint16 i_delta=1, bool shouldDelete=true)PArray< MbProperty >inline
push_back(const Type *e)RPArray< Type >inline
RemoveAll(DelType shdl=defDelete)PArray< MbProperty >inline
RemoveInd(size_t delIndex, DelType del=defDelete)PArray< MbProperty >inlinevirtual
RemoveObj(MbProperty *delObject, DelType=defDelete)PArray< MbProperty >inline
reserve(size_t n)RPArray< Type >inline
Reserve(size_t n, bool addAdditionalSpace=true)RPArray< Type >inline
RPArray()RPArray< Type >inline
RPArray(size_t i_upper, uint16 i_delta=1)RPArray< Type >inline
RPArray(RPArray< Type > &&)RPArray< Type >inline
SetMaxDelta(uint16 newDelta)RPArray< Type >inline
SetName(MbePrompt s)MbPropertiesinline
SetName(size_t s)MbPropertiesinline
SetSize(size_t newSize, bool clear)PArray< MbProperty >inline
RPArray::SetSize(size_t newSize)RPArray< Type >inline
shrink_to_fit()RPArray< Type >inline
size() constRPArray< Type >inline
Sort(CompFunc comp)RPArray< Type >inline
Swap(RPArray &arr)RPArray< Type >
TPtr typedefRPArray< Type >
Upper() constRPArray< Type >inline
upperRPArray< Type >protected
~PArray()PArray< MbProperty >inlinevirtual
~RPArray()RPArray< Type >inlinevirtual