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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
action.hFunctions for operating with curves, surfaces, shells and solids
action_curve.hFunctions for two-dimensional curves construction
action_curve3d.hFunctions for three-dimensional curves construction
action_direct.hFunctions for direct editing of solids
action_mesh.hFunctions for construction of the polygonal geometric object
action_phantom.hCreation of phantom operations
action_point.hFunctions for points creation
action_sheet.hFunctions for operating with a sheet metal solid
action_shell.hFunctions for open solids construction
action_solid.hFuncions for creation of solids, operations on solids
action_surface.hFunctions for surfaces creation
action_surface_curve.hFunctions for three-dimensional curves construction
alg_base.hCommon auxiliary functions
alg_circle_curve.hCircle construction, center of circle calculation
alg_curve_delete_part.hOperations with a curve in two-dimensional space. Deletion of a curve piece
alg_curve_distance.hConstruction of curves in two-dimensional space
alg_curve_envelope.hOperations with curves in two-dimensional space
alg_curve_equid.hConstruction of equidistance. Construction of hatching
alg_curve_fillet.hConstruction of fillet or chamfer between two curves in two-dimensional space
alg_curve_hatch.hIntersection of curves in two-dimensional space for hatching
alg_curve_tangent.hConstruction of line
alg_dimension.hRadial dimension of surface. Distance between surfaces
alg_diskrete_length_data.hData for support of discrete length/radius/distance in processes of input of curves by user
alg_draw.hObjects drawing
alg_indicator.hA progress indicator
alg_max_distance.hDefinition of distance between objects
alg_mesh_to_brep.hФункции преобразования полигональной модели в граничное представление
alg_nurbs_conic.hConstruction of conic sections as NURBS curves
alg_polyline.hFunctions to create curves for external use
alg_silhouette_hide.hObtaining the isocline curves
assembly.hAssembly unit
assisting_item.hAssisting item of the geometric model
ats_check.hFunctions for solids comparison and testing
attr_color.hAttributes. Color. Thickness of drawing lines. Style of drawing lines. Properties for OpenGL
attr_common_attribut.hCommon attributes subtype
attr_dencity.hAttributes. Density
attr_elementary_attribut.hElementary attributes subtype
attr_geometric_attribut.hGeometric attribute
attr_identifier.hObject identifier
attr_product.hProduct attributes
attr_registry.hAttribute definition instance
attr_selected.hAttributes. Selection. Visibility. Modification
attr_stamprib_attribut.hAttribute of reinforsed rib of sheet solid
attr_user_attribut.hUser attributes
attribute.hObject attributes
attribute_container.hAn attribute container
cdet_bool.hCalculation of intersections between solids using the boolean operations
cdet_data.hData types of collision detection
cdet_utility.hUtility of collision detection and proximity queries
check_geometry.hDiagnostics of shells and their components
collection.hCollection of elements
comanager.hModule: COMANAGER
constraint.hGeometric constraint
constraint_item.hModule: CONSTRAINT_ITEM
contour_combine.hCalculation of intersection of two regions
contour_graph.hContours construction
conv_annotation_item.hObjects used for import and export of annotation and dimensions
conv_error_result.hEnumerations for import/export operations
conv_i_converter.hInterfaces of the converter
conv_model_properties.hInterfaces used for import and export
conv_requestor.hInterface of scale request. Interface of stitching request
cr_attribute_provider.hTopological objects attributes provider
cr_boolean_solid.hBoolean operation constructor
cr_chamfer_solid.hConstructor of solid with edges' chamfers
cr_connecting_curve.hConstructor of curve connecting two curves
cr_cutting_solid.hCut solid constructor
cr_detach_solid.hSubdivision of face set into connected parts
cr_draft_solid.hConstructor of a shell with drafted faces
cr_duplication_solid.hConstructor of duplication face sets
cr_elementary_solid.hConstruction of shell for elementary solid
cr_evolution_solid.hConstructor of shell of evolution solid
cr_extension_shell.hConstruction of an extended face of a shell
cr_extrusion_solid.hConstructor of an extrusion solid's shell
cr_fillet_solid.hEdges fillet constructor
cr_hole_solid.hConstructor of shell of hole, pocket, groove
cr_intersection_curve.hIntersection curve constructor
cr_join_shell.hConstruction of a join shell
cr_lofted_solid.hConstructor of a lofted shell
cr_median_shell.hConstruction of a median shell between faces of solid
cr_mesh_shell.hConstruction of a shell from a mesh of curves
cr_modified_nurbs_.hConstructor of a shell with deformable faces
cr_modified_solid.hConstructor of a modified shell
cr_nurbs3d.hConstructor of the spatial spline with tangents
cr_nurbs_block_solid.hConstructor of a block from NURBS-surfaces
cr_nurbs_surfaces_solid.hConstruction of a sell from NURBS-surfaces
cr_offset_curve.hOffset curve constructor
cr_patch_creator.hConstruction of a patch-shaped shell
cr_projection_curve.hProjection wireframe constructor
cr_revolution_solid.hConstructor of a revolution shell
cr_rib_solid.hConstructor of a solid with a rib
cr_ruled_shell.hConstruct a ruled shell
cr_sheet_bend_any_solid.hConstruction of a shell from any solid with bends
cr_sheet_bend_by_edge_solid.hConstruction of bends by edges of a shell of a solid from sheet material
cr_sheet_bend_over_seg_solid.hConstruction of a shell from sheet material bent along a segment
cr_sheet_bend_unbend_solid.hConstruction of a shell from sheet material with bend/unbend
cr_sheet_closed_corner_solid.hConstruction of a shell from sheet material with corner enclosure
cr_sheet_joint_bend_solid.hA composite bend construction
cr_sheet_metal_solid.hConstruction of a shell from sheet material
cr_sheet_restored_edges_solid.hConstruction of side edges of bends
cr_sheet_simplified_flat_solid.hConstruction of the simplified flat pattern
cr_sheet_union_solid.hConstructor of operation of union of sheet solids by butt
cr_simple_creator.hConstructor of solid shell without history
cr_smooth_solid.hConstructor of chamfer or fillet of solid's edges
cr_split_data.hTruncating elements of a shell
cr_split_shell.hConstruction of a shell with splitting of faces
cr_stamp_bead_solid.hConstructor of a shell from sheet material with a bead
cr_stamp_jalousie_solid.hConstructor of a shell form sheet material with jalousie
cr_stamp_jog_solid.hConstructor of a shell from sheet material with a jog
cr_stamp_rib_solid.hConstructor of a sheet solid with a rib
cr_stamp_ruled_solid.hConstructor of a sheet ruled shell
cr_stamp_solid.hConstructor of a shell from the sheet material with stamping
cr_stamp_spherical_solid.hConstructor of a shell from the sheet material with spherical stamping
cr_stitch_solid.hConstructor of a shell by stitching the faces
cr_surface_spline.hConstructor of spline on a surface by points
cr_swept_solid.hConstructor of a solid's shell of forming operation
cr_symmetry_solid.hConstructor of a symmetric solid
cr_thin_sheet.hConstruction of a shell from a surface
cr_thin_shell_solid.hConstructor of an offset shell
cr_transformed_solid.hConstructor of a transformed shell
cr_truncated_shell.hConstruction of a truncated shell
cr_union_solid.hConstructor of union of two face sets to one face set
creator.hConstructor of object of the geometric model
creator_transaction.hThe history tree of object
cur_arc.hCircle, ellipse or circular or elliptical arc in two-dimensional space
cur_arc3d.hEllipse in three-dimensional space
cur_b_spline.hB-spline set of NURBS-curve
cur_bezier.hBezier spline in two-dimensional space
cur_bezier3d.hBezier spline in three-dimensional space
cur_bridge3d.hBridge curve connecting ends of two curves
cur_character_curve.hFunctionally defined two-dimensional curve
cur_character_curve3d.hFunctionally defined curve
cur_cone_spiral.hConical spiral
cur_contour.hContour in two-dimensional space
cur_contour3d.hContour in three-dimensional space
cur_contour_on_plane.hContour on plane
cur_contour_on_surface.hContour on surface
cur_contour_with_breaks.hContour with breaks
cur_cosinusoid.hCosinusoid in two-dimensional space
cur_crooked_spiral.hSpiral with constant radius and axis defined by an arbitrary curve on the XZ plane "position"
cur_cubic_spline.hCubic spline in two-dimensional space
cur_cubic_spline3d.hCubic spline
cur_curve_spiral.hSpiral with a variable radius which changes according to the generating curve
cur_hermit.hComposite Hermite cubic spline in two-dimensional space
cur_hermit3d.hComposite Hermite cubic spline
cur_line.hLine in two-dimensional space
cur_line3d.hLine in three-dimensional space
cur_line_segment.hLine segment in two-dimensional space
cur_line_segment3d.hLine segment in three-dimensional space
cur_nurbs.hTwo-dimensional NURBS curve
cur_nurbs3d.hA spatial NURBS curve
cur_nurbs_vector.h2D vector of NURBS
cur_offset_curve.hOffset extended curve
cur_offset_curve3d.hOffset curve in three-dimensional space
cur_plane_curve.hPlane curve in three-dimensional space
cur_point_curve.hThe curve degenerated to a point
cur_polycurve.hCurve in two-dimensional space, defined by points
cur_polycurve3d.hCurve in three-dimensional space, defined by control points
cur_polyline.hPolyline in two-dimensional space
cur_polyline3d.hPolyline in three-dimensional space
cur_projection_curve.hProjection curve
cur_reparam_curve.hReparametrized curve in two-dimensional space
cur_reparam_curve3d.hReparametrized curve in three-dimensional space
cur_silhouette_curve.hIsocline curve or silhouette curve of surface
cur_surface_curve.hCurve on surface
cur_surface_intersection.hIntersection curve of two surfaces
cur_trimmed_curve.hTrimmed curve in two-dimensional space
cur_trimmed_curve3d.hTrimmed curve in three-dimensional space
curve.hCurve in two-dimensional space
curve3d.hCurve in three-dimensional space
dxf_converter.hDXF - converter
dxf_data.hDXF - converter
func_analytical_function.hSymbolic (user) functions
func_const_function.hLinear function
func_cubic_function.hCubic Hermite function
func_cubic_spline_function.hCubic spline function
func_line_function.hLinear function
func_power_function.hPower function
func_sinus_function.hSinus function
function.hScalar function of parameter
function_factory.hCreation of scalar functions
gc_api.hTesting program interface of C3D Solver
gce_api.hProgram interface of geometric constraints solver
gce_geom.hProgram interface for KOMPAS system
gce_kompas_interface.hProgram interface for KOMPAS system
gce_precision.hFixed tolerances of two-dimensional parametrization problems solution and other constants
gce_res_code.hModule: GCRESCODE2D
gce_types.hData types of the two-dimensional geometric solver
gcm_api.hProgram interface of three-dimensional geometric constraints solver
gcm_blackbox.hАбстрактный интерфейс для чёрного ящика
gcm_geom.hGeometrical types of data
gcm_manager.hObject API of geometric solver in 3D
gcm_mates_generator.hTest generator of 3D-mates
gcm_reposition.hAbstract for control of model position in the assembly
gcm_res_code.hError codes of geometric solver for 3D
gcm_routines.hAPI of procedures and functions of geometric solver
gcm_types.hData types of geometric solver
generic_utility.hTemplate utilities
graph_algorithms.hGeneric graph algorithms
instance.hInstance of object
io_buffer.hSerialization: stream buffer, access to disk, version storage
io_define.hMacros of serialization, warnings suppression, memory control
io_memory_buffer.hSerialization: memory buffer
io_tape.hSerialization: reading and writing of stream classes
io_tree.hTree of geometric model
io_version_container.hContainer of versions
io_version_container_rw.hContainer of versions. Reading/writing
item_registrator.hRegistrators of objects: copying and transformation
last.hControl of memory leaks
legend.hAuxiliary geometric object in the three-dimensional space
lump.hSolid, matrix of its transformation and identifiers of owners
m2b_mesh_curvature.hStruct to store curvatures, principal curvature directions and normals at mesh vertex
map_create.hThe projection module. The general functions and interfaces
map_implementation.hThe array of projections of solids
map_lump.hObjects for the projection
map_section.hThe projection module. Data structures which map a view of section of a solids set
map_section_complex.hThe tool for the iterative construction of multi-segment section
map_thread.hThe thread mapping definition
map_vestige.hVestiges of three-dimensional objects
math_cfg.hSystem and platform definition
math_define.hBase macros and functions
math_doxigen.hGroups for documenting by Doxygen
math_namespace.hC3D namespace
math_version.hMathematical version
math_x.hConnection of mathematical functions in LINUX and WINDOWS, and for Intel compiler
mb_axis3d.hThe axis-vector which is attached to a fixed point
mb_cart_point.hThe cartesian two-dimensional point
mb_cart_point3d.hThe three-dimensional point
mb_cross_point.hPoint on a curve. Intersection point of two curves
mb_cube.hThe bounding box (cube) of a geometric object
mb_dimension.hDimensions definition
mb_enum.hThe enumerations
mb_homogeneous.hExtended point with homogeneous coordinates in the two-dimensional space
mb_homogeneous3d.hExtended point with homogeneous coordinates in the three-dimensional space
mb_matrix.hThe extended matrix of transformation in a two-dimensional space
mb_matrix3d.hThe extended matrix of transformation in a three-dimensional space
mb_nurbs_function.hThe module of geometric constructions
mb_operation_result.hOperation result
mb_placement.hLocal coordinate system in two dimensional space
mb_placement3d.hA local coordinate system
mb_point_mating.hGeometric constructions module. Conjugation at point
mb_property.hProperties of mathematical objects
mb_property_title.hProperties of mathematical objects
mb_rect.hBounding rectangle
mb_rect1d.hBounding box objects. One-dimensional cube
mb_rect2d.hBounding box objects. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional cubes
mb_rough.hRoughness conventional notation. Leader conventional notation
mb_symbol.hConventional notation classes definition
mb_thread.hThread definition
mb_variables.hConstants and variables
mb_vector.hTwo-dimensional vector
mb_vector3d.hVector in three-dimensional space
mesh.hThe polygonal geometric object - Mesh
mesh_float_point.hTwo-dimensional point of polygon or triangulation
mesh_float_point3d.hPoint, vector and axis based on single precision floating point number (float)
mesh_plane_grid.hTriangulation of two-dimensional region
mesh_primitive.hBase class for mesh data structures (MbMesh). Vertex. Polygon
mesh_triangle.hTriangulation data structures
mip_curve_properties.hMass-inertial properties
mip_solid_area_volume.hConstruction of solid triangulation
mip_solid_mass_inertia.hInertial properties of solid
model.hGeometric model
model_item.hA model geometric object
model_tree.hImplementation of Model Tree classes
mt_ref_item.hSuperclass for objects their lifetime is automatically regulated by reference counter
name_check.hTreatment of object's topological names
name_contour_tree.hThe tree of named contours
name_flags.hCommon interface for bit-flags treatment
name_item.hA name of a topological object
name_version.hVersion of an object topological name
op_duplication_parameter.hParameters of duplication
op_shell_parameter.hParameters of operations on the solids
op_swept_parameter.hParameters of operations on the solids
pars_equation_tree.hNode of a binary tree
pars_list.hList of variables
pars_tree_variable.hInterface of variable
pars_user_function.hUser-defined function
pars_yacc.hAlgorithm of syntax parsing of algebraic expression
part_solid.hIdentifiers of the parts of the solid
plane_instance.hInstance of a two-dimensional object
plane_item.hGeometric object in two-dimensional space
point3d.hSpatial point with properties of geometric object
position_data.hData for operation dimensions
reference_item.hReference counter (of an object owners)
region.hTwo-dimensional region
sheet_metal_param.hStructures of parameters for sheet operation
shell_history.hFaces history
solid.hSolid solid
space_instance.hInstance of three-dimensional object
space_item.hGeometrical object in three-dimensional space
surf_chamfer_surface.hChamfer surface
surf_channel_surface.hFillet surface with variable radius is normal or with preservation of edges
surf_cone_surface.hConical surface
surf_coons_surface.hBicubic Coons surface on four curves and its transverse derivatives
surf_corner_surface.hTriangular surface on grid of three curves
surf_cover_surface.hBilinear surface on four curves
surf_curve_bounded_surface.hThe surface with an arbitrary curved boundary and possible cuts inside
surf_cylinder_surface.hThe cylindrical surface
surf_elementary_surface.hAn elementary surface
surf_elevation_surface.hLofted surface with guide curve
surf_evolution_surface.hThe swept surface
surf_exaction_surface.hSweep with guide curve surface with rotating ends
surf_expansion_surface.hMotion surface (plane-parallel swept surface)
surf_exploration_surface.hThe swept surface with scaling and winding of generation curve
surf_extrusion_surface.hExtrusion surface
surf_fillet_surface.hFillet surface of constant radii, ordinary or with preservation of fillet
surf_gregory_surface.hThe surface on the bounding contour
surf_grid_surface.hSurface based on triangulation
surf_join_surface.hThe surface of the joint
surf_lofted_surface.hLofted surface
surf_mesh_surface.hThe surface passing through two families of curves
surf_offset_surface.hOffset surface
surf_plane.hA plane
surf_polysurface.hA surface specified by rectangular matrix of points
surf_revolution_surface.hRevolution surface
surf_ruled_surface.hRuled surface
surf_sector_surface.hSectorial surface
surf_smooth_surface.hSmooth surface
surf_sphere_surface.hSpherical surface
surf_spine.hCurvilinear spine for sweep surface
surf_spiral_surface.hSpiral surface
surf_spline_surface.hNURBS surface
surf_swept_surface.hSwept surface
surf_torus_surface.hToroidal surface
system_cpp_standard.hC++ standards
system_dependency.hSystem-dependent functions
system_types.hBase types of data
templ_array2.hTwo-dimensional array of objects
templ_balance_tree.hBalanced tree
templ_c_array.hDynamic one-dimensional array without counter of elements number
templ_csp_array.hOrdered one-dimensional array of pointers
templ_css_array.hOrdered one-dimensional array of objects
templ_delete_define.hTypes of deletion of elements from array
templ_dptr.hSmart pointer to objects without reference counters
templ_fdp_array.hOne-dimensional array of pointers
templ_fdp_array_.hStandard implementations of FDPArray elements deletion functions
templ_fdp_array_rw.hSerialization of FDPArray
templ_ifc_array.hOne-dimensional array of pointers with counting of references
templ_ifc_array_rw.hSerialization of IFC_Array
templ_im_array.hOrdered array of indices of the given PArray
templ_iterator.hIterator of array
templ_kdtree.hK-d tree
templ_lis_array.hLittle SArray - shortened SArray
templ_multimap.hMultiset implementing the core functionality of std::multimap
templ_p_array.hOne-dimensional array of pointers
templ_p_array_rw.hSerialization of PArray
templ_parameter.hParamenter with the control of being changed
templ_pointer.hSmart pointer
templ_psrt_array.hArray of pointers (of parray type) with ability of sorting by any criteria
templ_rp_array.hOne-dimensional array of pointers
templ_rp_array_rw.hSerialization of RPArray
templ_rp_stack.hNot owning stack of pointers
templ_rw_operator.hFunctions of serialization
templ_s_array.hOne-dimensional array of objects
templ_s_array_rw.hSerialization of SArray
templ_s_queue.hQueue of objects without destructors
templ_sfdp_array.hSorted one-dimensional array of pointers to objects
templ_sfp_array.hOrdered array of pointers
templ_sp_array.hOrdered array of pointers
templ_sptr.hSmart pointer and reference to objects with reference counter
templ_ss_array.hOrdered array of objects
templ_stack.hA stack of objects
templ_t_list.hSerialization of list
templ_three_states.hTree-position flag
templ_type_modified.hAn object with the modifications flag
templ_visitor.hVisitor of classes
tool_enabler.hKernel modules enabler
tool_log.hInformation logging
tool_memory_debug.hMemory allocation control during the debugging process
tool_multithreading.hManaging of parallel data processing
tool_mutex.hLocks implementation on base of system synchronization mechanisms and OpenMP locks. details Implementation of locks (including scoped lock) on base of system synchronization mechanisms and OpenMP locks.
tool_progress_indicator.hA run progress indicator
tool_quick_sort.hA sorting function
tool_string_util.hUtility functions for working with strings
tool_time_test.hA debug tool for collection of the information about the algorithm running time
tool_uuid.hGlobal unique identifier
topology.hTopological objects: vertices, edges, loop, face
topology_faceset.hShell or set of faces
topology_item.hTopological object in three-dimensional space
tri_face.hApproximation of face by array of triangular and quadrangular plates
tri_lump.hMathematical face and its calculated grid
vsn_abstractrep.hAbstract representation class
vsn_camera.hCamera for 3D scene rendering
vsn_color.hColor class defines color based on RGB, HSV, or CMYK values
vsn_doxigen.hGroups for documenting with Doxygen
vsn_geometryrep3d.h3D geometry representation
vsn_geommeshobject.hGeomMeshObject class for rendering polygon object
vsn_geomobject.hAbstract base class for rendering geometry
vsn_geomsamples.hSamples of classes that include geometric data
vsn_geomsamplesmath.hSolid body wrapper
vsn_global.hGlobal type declarations and defines
vsn_globalflags.hGlobal settings for visualization module
vsn_glplatformsurface.hGLPlatformSurface class provides abstraction for surface
vsn_glsurface.hGLSurface class represents abstract surface for visualization
vsn_glsurfaceformat.hGLSurfaceFormat class represents GLSurface format
vsn_light.hLight source
vsn_material.hMaterial class and SelectionMaterial class for working with visual properties of the material
vsn_object.hObject class is the base class for all scene objects
vsn_openglcontext.hNO TRANSLATION
vsn_openglfunctionlist.hNO TRANSLATION
vsn_point.hPoint class defines point on the plane using integer precision
vsn_prcameraorbit.hPrCameraOrbit class provides interactive user actions, i.e. camera control and its orbiting
vsn_prcamerapan.hPrCameraPan class provides scene panning
vsn_prcamerarotate.hNO TRANSLATION
vsn_prcamerazoom.hPrCameraZoom class provides scene zooming about its center
vsn_primitivecount.hNO TRANSLATION
vsn_process.hProcess class is a base for classes that handle user input or manipulate with the scene
vsn_processevent.hProcessEvent class is the event and also base class for all event classes
vsn_processmanager.hInteractive process control manager
vsn_processrep.hProcessRep class for process representation
vsn_renderstate.hRenderstate class represents an object rendering state
vsn_scenecontent.hSceneContent class represents scene content as the graph
vsn_scenesegment.hSceneSegment class is the base class for all segments in the scene graph
vsn_scsegmentdata.hSceneSegmentData class represents scene segment data
vsn_scsegmentref.hSceneSegmentRef class sets reference to geometry representation
vsn_textsamples.hGeomFTTextObject class generates text string for outputting on the screen
vsn_viewcontainer.hContainer for visual objects that includes visual object map and shader linking map
vsn_viewobject3d.hViewObject3D class contains GeometryRep3D + bounding box
vsn_viewport.hViewport class defines viewport
vsn_window.hClass Window is a implementation of the window rendering using OpenGL
wire_frame.hThree-dimensional wire frame
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