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Ordered one-dimensional array. More...

#include <templ_csp_array.h>

Inherits SPArray< Type >.

Public Types

typedef bool(* LessFuncPtr) (const Type &, const Type &)
 The type of pointer to selection function of the item to remove from the two identical.

Public Member Functions

 CSPArray (size_t maxCnt=0, uint16 delt=1, bool shouldDelete=true, bool _keepEq=false, LessFuncPtr func=nullptr)
void SetLessFunc (LessFuncPtr func)
 Set the selection method of the item to remove from the two identical.
bool AddArray (const RPArray< Type > &arr)
 Add array without sorting.
void AddNoSort (Type *ent)
 Add element without sorting.
Type * Add (Type *)
 Add element with sorting.
Type * Add (Type *, size_t &indexEnt)
 Add element with sorting, returns index of the element.
size_t Find (const Type *)
 Find an element in ordered array.
void Sort ()
 Sort array if it is not sorted.
Type * RemoveObj (Type *delObject, DelType del)
 Delete element.

Detailed Description

template<class Type>
class CSPArray< Type >

Ordered one-dimensional array.

Ordered one-dimensional array of pointers.
Elements of the array should have operators "==" and "<". The unsorted data can be added by the function 'AddNoSort', but the sorting starts after the first call of functions Add and Find. The similar objects are not added.

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