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Parameters of a sinusoid creation. More...

#include <alg_diskrete_length_data.h>

Public Attributes

Param< double > m_WaveLineAmpl
 Amplitude value.
Param< bool > m_WaveLineAmplByPercent
 The amplitude is defined as a percentage of the wave length.
double m_WaveLineLen
 Wave length value.
size_t m_WaveLineCount
 Value of half-waves number.
bool m_WaveLineByCount
 Construction of wavy line by the number of waves.
bool m_WaveLineDir
 Up or down direction of the first half-wave.

Static Public Attributes

static const double maxAmpl
 Maximal value of amplitude.

static const double minAmpl
 Minimal value of amplitude.


Detailed Description

Parameters of a sinusoid creation.

Parameters of sinusoid construction for object "Wavy line".

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