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Handler of fatal errors. More...

#include <tool_err_handling.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static MbResultType GetError ()
 Get the last error.
static bool HasError ()
 Is there a fatal error.
static MbResultType SetError (MbResultType)
 Register a fatal error. Return this error.
static bool Init ()
 Initialize handler before starting error monitoring. Returns true if the handler is started or false if the handler is already working. The paired function Recover() should be called only if Init() returnes true.
static void Recover ()
 Recover if a fatal error is detected.
static bool IsEnoughMemory ()
 Whether is enough memory to work.
static void SetMemoryThreshold (double)
 Set an acceptable memory threshold for work (Mb).
static void ResetMemoryThreshold ()
 Set default memory threshold.

Detailed Description

Handler of fatal errors.

Handler of fatal errors. Before starting error monitoring the Init() function should be called. On exit a faulty region, the Recover() function should be called.

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