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Table of names correspondence. More...

#include <name_item.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbNamePairList ()
 ~MbNamePairList ()
bool AddNameData (const MbName *orig, const MbName *copy)
 Add names of object and its duplicate. More...
void Reserve (size_t count)
 Allocate memory for elements.
void Erase ()
 Erase array without deleting memory for elements.
void Free ()
 Delete memory for elements.
bool Clean (const c3d::ConstNamesVector &delNamesCopies, bool deleteNames=false)
 Clean up unnecessary pairs by name copies.
bool Replace (const MbName &newNameCopies, const c3d::ConstNamesVector &oldNamesCopies)
 Replace names copies.
const MbNameFindOriginalByCopy (const MbName *) const
 Find name of object by name of its duplicate.
const MbNameFindCopyByOriginal (const MbName &) const
 Find name of duplicate object by name of its original.
const MbNameFindOriginalByCopy (const SimpleName &originalHash) const
 Find the name of the original object by the hash of the name of the copy of the object.


class MbNameMaker
class MbSNameMaker

Detailed Description

Table of names correspondence.

Table of names correspondence of originals and its duplicates in arrays.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNameData()

bool MbNamePairList::AddNameData ( const MbName orig,
const MbName copy 

Add names of object and its duplicate.

Add names of object and its duplicate, which have to be created by new.

[in]orig- The name of the original.
[in]copy- The name of the copy.

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