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MbNamedAttributeContainer Class Reference

Attribute container. More...

#include <cr_attribute_provider.h>

Public Member Functions

void ReceiveAttributes (c3d::AttrVector &attrs)
 Save the received attributes.
void DuplicateAttributes (c3d::AttrVector &attrs, MbRegDuplicate *iReg=nullptr) const
 Copy attributes.
size_t AttributesCount () const
 Get the attributes count.
void AddAttribute (MbAttribute &)
 Add an attribute.
const MbNameGetName () const
 Get the topological object name.
void ReadAttrCont (reader &)
 Read from stream.
void WriteAttrCont (writer &) const
 Write to stream.

Detailed Description

Attribute container.

An attribute container for a topological object.

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