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Registrator of transformable objects. More...

#include <item_registrator.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbRegTransform ()
virtual ~MbRegTransform ()
virtual bool IsSetReg (const MbRefItem *)=0
 Register a transformed object. More...
virtual void Free ()=0
 Free memory and remove itself.

Detailed Description

Registrator of transformable objects.

Registrator is used to correct transformation of objects, which contain pointers to other geometries.
Object pointer can be contained in several other objects for transformations. Registrar is used to prevent multiple transformation of object. When transforming the object with registrator, the existence of the object inside the registrator is verified. If such object is absent, it is stored to the registrator and transformed, otherwise, a transformation of the object is not performed.

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsSetReg()

virtual bool MbRegTransform::IsSetReg ( const MbRefItem )
pure virtual

Register a transformed object.

Register a transformed object in the registrator.

Returns true if the object hasn't been registered yet.

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