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Faces history. More...

#include <shell_history.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbShellHistory ()
 Constructor without parameters.
 ~MbShellHistory ()
void Clear ()
 Clear arrays for reuse.
void InitOrigins (const RPArray< MbFace > &origin)
 Save originals.
RPArray< MbFace > & SetOriginFaces ()
 Get container of originals for filling.
RPArray< MbFace > & SetCopyFaces ()
 Get container of copies for filling.
void SetOrigins (MbFaceShell &shell)
 Replace in 'shell' the unchanged 'copy'-objects by the 'origin'-objects.

Detailed Description

Faces history.

Faces history contains two synchronous sets of faces: initial faces and their copies.
A faces history is used after the operation of replacement in a result shell of unchanged faces copies by their originals.

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