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Weights of a NURBS surface. More...

#include <surf_spline_surface.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbWeightMatrix ()
 Empty constructor.
 MbWeightMatrix (const MbWeightMatrix &wm)
size_t Lines () const
 Number of lines.
size_t Columns () const
 Number of columns.
bool IsCommonWeight () const
 Is it used a common weight?
bool InitWeights (double wt, size_t linesCnt, size_t columnsCnt)
 Initialize by common weight.
bool InitWeights (const Array2< double > &wts)
 Initialize by weights array.
void InitWeights (const MbWeightMatrix &wm)
 Initialize by weights array.
void GetWeights (Array2< double > &wts) const
bool SetWeights (const Array2< double > &wts)
 Get weights array.
double GetWeight (size_t lineIndex, size_t columnIndex) const
 Get a weight by indices.
bool SetWeight (size_t lineIndex, size_t columnIndex, double wt)
 Set weight.
void InsertLine (size_t k, double wt=1.0)
 Insert a line.
void InsertColumn (size_t k, double wt=1.0)
 Insert a column.
void AddLine (double wt=1.0)
 Add a line.
void AddColumn (double wt=1.0)
 Add a column.
void RemoveLine (size_t k)
 Delete line by line index.
void RemoveColumn (size_t k)
 Delete column by column index.
const double * _GetLine (size_t k) const
 Get a pointer to a string if the common weight is not used. Otherwise returns a null pointer.
bool CanAdjust (const Array2< double > &wts) const
 Is it possible to adjust memory of weights array?
bool Adjust ()
 Adjust memory of weights array.
MbWeightMatrixoperator= (const MbWeightMatrix &wm)
 Assignment operator.
MbWeightMatrixoperator= (const Array2< double > &wm)
 Assignment operator.

Protected Member Functions

bool FillArray2 ()
 Fill full weights array if common weight is used.

Detailed Description

Weights of a NURBS surface.

Weights of a NURBS surface.

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