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Set of simple names. More...

#include <name_item.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleNameArray (size_t i_max=0, uint16 i_delta=1)
 SimpleNameArray (const SimpleNameArray &other)
void Delta (uint16 newDelta)
 Set an increment by the number of elements while allocating additional memory (1 - autoincrement).
void SetMaxDelta (uint16 newDelta)
 Set maximum of increments.
size_t Count () const
 Count of elements in array.
ptrdiff_t MaxIndex () const
 The last element index.
void Reserve (size_t additionalSpace)
 Reserve memory for the specified number of elements.
void Flush ()
 Delete all elements from the array without freeing memory.
void Adjust ()
 Free unused memory.
const SimpleNameGetAddr () const
 Get address of the beginning of the array.
SimpleNameoperator[] (size_t loc) const
 Get element by an index.
SimpleNameAddAt (const SimpleName &ent, size_t index)
 Insert element by an index.
SimpleNameAddAt (const MbName &ent, size_t index)
 Insert name hash by an index.
SimpleNameAdd (const SimpleName &ent)
 Add an element to the end of the array.
SimpleNameAdd (const MbName &ent)
 Add an element to the end of the array.
void RemoveInd (size_t delIndex)
 Delete element by an index.
void RemoveInd (size_t firstIdx, size_t lastIdx)
 Delete elements in range from firstIdx to lastIdx-1 inclusive.
SimpleNameInsertInd (size_t index, const SimpleName &ent)
 Insert element by an index.
SimpleNameInsertInd (size_t index, const MbName &ent)
 Insert name hash by an index.
size_t FindIt (const SimpleName &ent) const
 Find object among elements of the array.
SimpleNameArrayoperator+= (const SimpleNameArray &other)
 Operator for adding.


SArray< SimpleName > & operator+= (SArray< SimpleName > &, const SimpleNameArray &)
 Operator for adding.
readeroperator>> (reader &, SimpleNameArray *&)
 Read operator.
readeroperator>> (reader &, SimpleNameArray &)
 Read operator.
writeroperator<< (writer &, const SimpleNameArray &)
 Write operator.

Detailed Description

Set of simple names.

The set contains the container of simple names.

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