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UserAttrDefinition< AttrClass > Class Template Reference

A template of user attribute definition. More...

#include <attr_user_attribute.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual MbUserAttributeReduceUserAttrib (const MbExternalAttribute &source)
 Convert user attribute to "system" one.
virtual MbExternalAttributeAdvanceUserAttrib (const MbUserAttribute &source)
 Convert "system" attribute to user one.
virtual MbFixAttrSetDisassembleUserAttrib (const MbExternalAttribute &source)
 Disassemble on attributes.
virtual bool ReassembleUserAttrib (const MbFixAttrSet &source, MbExternalAttribute &target)
 Reassemble from attributes.

Detailed Description

template<typename AttrClass>
class UserAttrDefinition< AttrClass >

A template of user attribute definition.

Template class "Definition" of user attribute - used for creation of standard definitions with predefined functionality.

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