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OrientationMarker is a class for controlling the camera orientation. More...

#include <vsn_orientationmarker.h>

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Public Types

enum class  Corner { TopLeft , TopRight , BottomLeft , BottomRight }
 Enumeration of orientation marker positions. More...
enum class  Style
 Enumeration of orientation marker styles.

Public Member Functions

 OrientationMarker (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
 OrientationMarker (GraphicsView *pGraphics, Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~OrientationMarker ()
int GetWidth () const
 Control width in pixels.
int GetHeight () const
 Control height in pixels.
OrientationMarker::Style GetStyle () const
 Returns marker style.
OrientationMarker::Corner GetCorner () const
 Returns current marker position.
bool IsVisible () const
 Check if marker is visible.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Check if marker is active.
bool IsRefreshScreen () const
 Check if marker is active.
void SetRefreshScreen (bool bEnable)
 Check if marker is active.
void GetMargins (int *left, int *top, int *right, int *bottom) const
 Get margin values.
void RebuildMarket ()
 Rebuild market.
void GetRepOptionTriad (uint &nHeightAxis, uint &nHeightArrow, uint &nRadiusAxis, uint &nRadiusArrow, uint &nRadiusOrigin, uint &nRadiusTour, uint &nLetter)
 Get options for representing the triad in pixels.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Object
 Object (Object *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
void SetParent (Object *pParent)
MutexGetMutex ()
 Object mutex.
String GetObjectName () const
 Returns name.
void SetObjectName (const String &name)
 Sets name.
bool IsControlType () const
ObjectGetParent () const
Variant GetProperty (const String &name) const
bool IsSignalsBlocked () const
bool SetBlockSignals (bool bBlock)
void AddEventListener (Object *pObject)
void RemoveEventListener (Object *pObject)
ObjectGetSender () const
Thread * GetThread () const
void BindWithThread (Thread *thread)
int StartTimer (int interval, TimerType timerType=tt_CoarseTimer)
void KillTimer (int id)
const ObjectList< Object * > & GetChildren () const
template<typename T >
FindChild (const String &objName=String()) const
template<typename T >
ObjectList< T > FindChildren (const String &objName=String(), VSN::ChildFindingPolicies policies=VSN::FindAllNestedChildren) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::BasicObject
 BasicObject ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~BasicObject ()

Detailed Description

OrientationMarker is a class for controlling the camera orientation.

OrientationMarker provides control of main scene's camera. OrientationMarker positions the camera according to standard projections such as: top, bottom, right, left, front, back and isometric projection. OrientationMarker has reaction zones when pointing the mouse cursor to the control's primitives, that can be use to switch between the standard projections. In addition, OrientationMarker provides the ability to work dynamically with the mouse when catching certain primitives and uses mousemove event. OrientationMarker has two states that are controlled with SetEnabled. If enabled is false then OrientationMarker will not react to mouse events and vice versa. OrientationMarker also has SetVisible method, so if visible is false than OrientationMarker will not be shown in the scene. OrientationMarker can be placed in different predefined locations: bottom right(the default), bottom left, top right, top left. OrientationMarker has two representations: TriadMarker and BoxMarker. TriadMarker consists of axes XYZ and allows positioning and rotation of the camera along each axis and setting isometric view. BoxMarker is a view cube that allows you to position the camera along the edges, corners and edges of the cube, as well as rotate the camera relative to the camera vector

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Corner

Enumeration of orientation marker positions.


top left corner.


top right corner.


bottom left corner.


bottom right corner.

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