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The base class of the stream for implementation of reading and writing. More...

#include <io_tape_define.h>

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Public Types

enum  objectType
 An object type.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~tape ()
const iobuf_SeqGetIOBuffer () const
 Get access to the buffer.
iobuf_SeqGetIOBuffer ()
 Get access to the buffer.
uint8 mode () const
 Get the buffer mode.
void setMode (uint8 m)
 Set the buffer mode.
void clearState (io::state sub)
 Remove the buffer state.
void setState (io::state add)
 Add the buffer state.
void SetVersionsByStorage ()
 Set the current version to be equal to the storage version.
VERSION MathVersion () const
 Return the main version (of the mathematical kernel).
VERSION AppVersion (size_t ind=-1) const
 Return the additional version (of the target application).
const VersionContainerGetVersionsContainer () const
 Get access to the version container.
void SetVersionsContainer (const VersionContainer &vers) const
 Set the version of open file.
VERSION SetStorageVersion (VERSION v)
 Set the storage version.
int fresh () const
 Is the buffer fresh?
bool good () const
 Whether the buffer state is correct.
virtual uint8 eof () const
 Is the end of file reached?
virtual uint32 state () const
 Get the flag of the buffer state.
virtual io::pos tell ()
 Get current position in stream. More...
void registrate (const TapeBase *e)
 Unregister the pointer.
void unregistrate (const TapeBase *e)
 Does a registered object exist?
bool exist (const TapeBase *e) const
 Flush the registration array.
void flushRegister ()
 Get the number of registered objects.
size_t RegisteredCount () const
 Get the maximal possible number of objects for registration.
size_t GetMaxRegisteredCount () const
 Reserve memory for n objects.
bool IsOwnBuffer () const
 Do we own the buffer?
void SetOwnBuffer (bool own)
 Set the flag of buffer ownership.
uint8 GetIndexType (size_t index) const
 Get index type.
void InitProgress (IProgressIndicator *pr)
 Work with progress indicator. More...
void ResetProgress ()
 Release current progress indicator. Set parent progress indicator if it exists.
ProgressBarWrapperGetProgress ()
 Get progress indicator.
void FinishProgress ()
 End the progress indicator.

Protected Member Functions

 tape (membuf &, bool openSys, uint8 om, TapeRegistrator *, bool ownReg=false)
 tape (iobuf_Seq &buf, bool ownBuf, bool openSys, uint16 om, TapeRegistrator *, bool ownReg=false)

Protected Attributes

 Buffer for data.
 Stream manager.
uint8 level
 Nesting level while reading/writing.
 Structure for registration of written/read addresses.
 Progress indicator.

Detailed Description

The base class of the stream for implementation of reading and writing.

The base class of the stream for implementation of reading and writing.

Member Function Documentation

◆ tell()

virtual io::pos tape::tell ( )

Get current position in stream.

Register the pointer.

◆ InitProgress()

void tape::InitProgress ( IProgressIndicator pr)

Work with progress indicator.

Инициализировать индикатор прогресса. Initialize progress indicator.

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