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Contour shape description. More...

#include <mip_curve_properties.h>

Public Member Functions

 FormDefinition (bool b, double d, double p)
 Constructor. More...
 FormDefinition (const FormDefinition &other)
 Copy constructor.

Public Attributes

bool body
 Solid attribute.
double density
double par
 Parameter (apex angle or thickness).

Detailed Description

Contour shape description.

Contour shape description.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FormDefinition()

FormDefinition::FormDefinition ( bool  b,
double  d,
double  p 


Constructor by solid attribute, density and parameter.

[in]b- Solid attribute.

if true then mass-inertial properties of curve are added to total result,
if false then mass-inertial properties of curve are subtracted from total result.
[in]d- Density.
[in]p- Parameter (apex angle or thickness).

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