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Geometrical object. More...

#include <gcm_geom.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual GCM_g_type GeomType () const
 Type of geometric object.
virtual const TCHAR * GetName () const =0
 String name of geometric object.
virtual void GetPlacement (MbPlacement3D &pl) const
 Get position of part as orthonormalized LCS.
void GetTransMatrix (MbMatrix3D &) const
 Get transformation from standard position.
MbMatrix3D TransMatrix () const
 Transformation from the standard position.

Detailed Description

Geometrical object.

Geometric object of this data type is described by a matrix of transformation which transforms this object to real position from some standard position. The implication is that each type of object has a standard position which usually coincides with the global system of coordinates.
For example, if ItGeom is a point, then the matrix TransMatrix() sets the position of a point as the transformation of the origin to some arbitrary place of the space.
If ItGeom is rigid solid in the space, then the matrix TransMatrix() can be used as LCS of this solid and set its position in the space of modeling.

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