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Sequence of edges. More...

#include <position_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbEdgeSequence ()
 Empty constructor.
 MbEdgeSequence (const MbCurveEdge &edge, bool s, bool c)
 Constructor by thicknesses and closedness.
 MbEdgeSequence (const MbEdgeSequence &other)
 ~MbEdgeSequence ()
void Init (const MbEdgeSequence &other)
 Copy function of data.
void Reserve (size_t count)
 Reserve space for a given count of elements.
void AddEdge (const MbCurveEdge &edge, bool s)
 Add an edge.
bool CollectEdges (double epsilon)
 Add all smooth mating edges to a sequence.
void SetClosed (bool c)
 Set closedness.
void operator= (const MbEdgeSequence &other)
 Assignment operator.

Public Attributes

RPArray< const MbCurveEdgeedges
 Edges of sequence.
SArray< bool > sense
 Direction of edges in the sequence.
bool closed
 Closedness of sequence.

Detailed Description

Sequence of edges.

Sequence of smooth mating edges rounded at the same time.

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