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Characteristic data of angular dimension. More...

#include <gcm_routines.h>

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Public Attributes

MbVector3D firstVector
 The first vector.
MbVector3D secondVector
 The second vector.
MbVector3D axisZ
 Axis of rotation of the first vector to coincide with the second.
double value
 Dimension value - the angle of rotation.

Detailed Description

Characteristic data of angular dimension.

The data structure contains characteristic information needed for
rendering an angular dimension, namely:
1) The rotation vector, it is normal of measuring plane;
2) A pair of vectors where the second vector is obtained from the first by rotation around the rotation vector (axisZ) by an angle which is equal to the value of dimension;
3) Dimension value is equal to the rotation angle of the first vector around axis axisZ to coincide it with the second vector.

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