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Characteristic data of linear dimension. More...

#include <gcm_routines.h>

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Public Attributes

MbCartPoint3D firstPoint
 The first point of linear dimension.
MbCartPoint3D secondPoint
 The second point of linear dimension.

MtGeomType firstType
 The geometry type which owns firstPoint.
MtGeomType secondType
 The geometry type which owns secondPoint.
MtTransDof translateDof
 The degree freedom of movement of dimension points.
double value
 Current value of the dimension.

Detailed Description

Characteristic data of linear dimension.

The data structure contains characteristic information needed for rendering a linear dimension, namely:
1) A pair of points defined in a general CS model which lie on the first and second geometric objects of mate;
2) A pair of enumerators #MtGeometryType meaning the mating types of geometry which owns the points;
3) The degree of freedom of movement of a pair of points in which is stored the 1st condition (belonging to geometric objects which have the dimension);
4) The dimension value is equal to the distance between points.

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