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Point parameters for creation of a polyline. More...

#include <alg_polyline.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Polyline3DPoint ()
 Default constructor.
 Polyline3DPoint (const Polyline3DPoint &other)
 Copy constructor.
 ~Polyline3DPoint ()
void operator= (const Polyline3DPoint &other)
 Assignment operator.

Public Attributes

size_t m_oldIndex
 The initial index of a model.
MbCartPoint3D m_point
 The coordinates of a polyline vertex.
double m_radius
 The fillet radius in a vertex.
const MbCurve3Dm_lineSeg
 The straight-line segment from this vertex to the next.
const MbCurve3Dm_arcSeg
 the arc of a fillet in this vertex (if 'm_radius' > 0)

Detailed Description

Point parameters for creation of a polyline.

Some points may be deleted while the construction, therefore the old index is entered, it is filled and used in a model. Parameters of a point are its coordinates and fillet radius in this point. In a time of creation the fields 'm_lineSeg' and 'm_lineSeg' are being filled. 'm_lineSeg' is the straight-line segment from this point to the next point. For the last point and a closed polyline - from the last point to the first point. 'm_arcSeg'is the arc of a fillet in the given point. If a segment has been fully deleted or it was not created then the pointer should be nullptr. Object 'm_lineSeg' and 'm_arcSeg' are not owned, therefore they are not deleted. Objects from a polyline.

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