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system_types.h File Reference

Base types of data. More...

#include <math_x.h>
#include <system_cpp_standard.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cstddef>
#include <memory>
#include <float.h>
#include <limits>


typedef uint32 VERSION


uint16 MkUint16 (uint8 lo, uint8 hi)
 Create uint16 by two uint8.
uint32 MkUint32 (uint16 lo, uint16 hi)
 Create uint32 by two uint16.
uint64 MkUint64 (uint32 lo, uint32 hi)
 Create uint64 by two uint32.
uint32 LoUint32 (uint64 u64)
 Get lower uint32 word from uint64.
int32 LoInt32 (uint64 u64)
 Get lower int32 word from int64.
uint32 HiUint32 (uint64 u64)
 Get upper uint32 word from uint64.
int32 HiInt32 (uint64 u64)
 Get upper int32 word from int64.
uint16 LoUint16 (uint32 u32)
 Get lower int16 word from int32.
int16 LoInt16 (uint32 u32)
 Get lower int16 word from uint32.
uint16 HiUint16 (uint32 u32)
 Get upper uint16 word from uint32.
int16 HiInt16 (uint32 u32)
 Get upper int16 word from uint32.
uint8 LoUint8 (uint16 u16)
 Get lower uint8 word from uint16.
int8 LoInt8 (uint16 u16)
 Get lower int8 word from uint16.
uint8 HiUint8 (uint16 u16)
 Get upper uint8 word from uint16.
int8 HiInt8 (uint16 u16)
 Get upper int8 word from uint16.
template<class SignedType >
SignedType abs_t (const SignedType x)
 Absolute value. More...


constexpr uint SYS_MAX_UINT = 0xffffffff
 Maximum value of uint.
constexpr size_t SYS_MAX_T = 0xffffffff
 Maximum value of size_t.
constexpr ptrdiff_t SYS_MAX_ST = 0x7fffffff
 Maximum value of ptrdiff_t.
constexpr ptrdiff_t SYS_MIN_ST = 0x80000000
 Minimum value of ptrdiff_t.
constexpr uint8 SYS_MAX_UINT8 = 0xFF
 Maximum value of uint8.
constexpr uint16 SYS_MAX_UINT16 = 0xFFFF
 Maximum value of uint16.
constexpr uint32 SYS_MAX_UINT32 = 0xFFFFFFFF
 Maximum value of uint32.
constexpr uint64 SYS_MAX_UINT64 = 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
 Maximum value of uint64.
constexpr int16 SYS_MAX_INT16 = 0x7FFF
 Maximum value of int16.
constexpr int32 SYS_MAX_INT32 = 0x7FFFFFFF
 Maximum value of int32.
constexpr int64 SYS_MAX_INT64 = 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
 Maximum value of int64.
constexpr int16 SYS_MIN_INT16 = static_cast<int16>( static_cast<uint16>(0x8000) )
 Minimum value of int16.
constexpr int32 SYS_MIN_INT32 = static_cast<int32>( static_cast<uint32>(0x80000000) )
 Minimum value of int32.
constexpr int64 SYS_MIN_INT64 = static_cast<int64>( static_cast<uint64>(0x8000000000000000) )
 Minimum value of int64.
constexpr size_t NSIZE = SYS_MAX_T
 Undefined size.
constexpr uint NPOS32 = static_cast<uint>(SYS_MAX_UINT32)
 Undefined position (for 32-bit data).
constexpr size_t SIZE_OF_POINTER = sizeof(char *)
 Size of pointer in bytes. More...

Detailed Description

Base types of data.