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Packed class name. More...

#include <io_tape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ClassDescriptor ()
 ClassDescriptor (uint16 v)
 Constructor by hash.
 ClassDescriptor (const char *name)
 Constructor by name.
 ClassDescriptor (uint16 v, const MbUuid &appID)
 Constructor by hash.
 ClassDescriptor (const char *name, const MbUuid &appID)
 Constructor by name.
 ClassDescriptor (const ClassDescriptor &other)
 Constructor by hash.
ClassDescriptoroperator= (const ClassDescriptor &other)
 An assignment operator.
bool operator== (const ClassDescriptor &other) const
 The equality operator.
bool operator!= (const ClassDescriptor &other) const
 The inequality operator.
bool operator< (const ClassDescriptor &other) const
 Comparison operator.
bool operator> (const ClassDescriptor &other) const
 Comparison operator.
void Write (writer &out)
 Write operator.
bool Read (reader &in)
 Read operator.

Protected Attributes

uint16 val
 The class name hash.
MbUuid appID_
 Additional application identifier.

Detailed Description

Packed class name.

Packed name of one class - for array of stream classes in TapeClass.

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