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"Wrapper" for one stream class. More...

#include <io_tape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TapeClass (const char *name, BUILD_FUNC b, CAST_FUNC c, READ_FUNC r, WRITE_FUNC w)
 Constructor. Constructor.
virtual ~TapeClass ()
ClassDescriptor GetPackedClassName () const
 Get the packed class name.
virtual ClassDescriptor GetPackedClassNameForWrite (VERSION) const
 Get the packed class name for writing subject to the version.

Protected Attributes

ClassDescriptor hashValue
 Packed class name.
BUILD_FUNC _builder
 Functions of a new instance creation.
CAST_FUNC _caster
 Function of conversion from TapeBase to a pointer to a class.
READ_FUNC _reader
 Read function.
WRITE_FUNC _writer
 Write function.


class TapeManager
struct TapeClassContainer

Detailed Description

"Wrapper" for one stream class.

"Wrapper" for one stream class ( not instance! ). Stores packed class name and addresses of functions necessary while reading/writing.

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