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Common static data of algorithms and functions. More...

#include <mb_variables.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDefaultValues ()
 Set default values of variables.
static void SetUserValue (int index, double value)
 Set value of variable. It is necessary to keep in mind that modification of global variable could lead to unpredictable results when using parallel calculations.
static const VersionContainerDefaultVersion ()
 Default mathematical version.

static VERSION DefaultMathVersion ()
 Default mathematical version.

static const MbUuidMathID ()
 Kernel ID.
static const MbUuidDeprecatedMathID ()
 Kernel ID (deprecated).
static bool NamesComplete ()
 Is it necessary to full object naming. More...
static void SetNamesComplete (bool b)
 Set flag of full object naming. More...
static bool SupressCreators ()
 Is it necessary to disable the work of constructors. More...
static void SetSupressCreators (bool b)
 Set the flag to disable the constructors. More...
static bool Multithreaded ()
 Are multithreaded calculations used? More...
static void SetMultithreaded (bool b)
 Set flag for use multithreaded calculations. More...
static MbeMultithreadedMode MultithreadedMode ()
 Multithreaded mode. More...
static bool CheckMultithreadedMode (MbeMultithreadedMode)
 Check multithreaded mode. More...
static void SetMultithreadedMode (MbeMultithreadedMode)
 Set flag for mode of multithreaded calculations. More...
static c3d::eAssertViolationNotify CheckAssertNotify ()
 Get the mode of assert violations notification.

static void SetAssertNotify (c3d::eAssertViolationNotify)
 Set the mode of assert violations notification.


Static Public Attributes

static const double PI2
 Relation between circle length and its radius.
static const double invPI2
 Relation between circle radius and its length.
static const double RADDEG
 Count of angular degrees in radian.
static const double DEGRAD
 Count of radians in angular degree.
static const double doubleRegion
 Relative tolerance for double.
static const double region
 Tolerance (PARAM_REGION).
static const double precision
 Approximation tolerance (PARAM_PRECISION).
static const double accuracy
 Tolerance (PARAM_ACCURACY).
static const double determinantMax
 Maximum possible value of determinant (DETERMINANT_MAX).
static const double determinantMin
 Minimum possible value of determinant (DETERMINANT_MIN).
static const double lengthEpsilon
 Tolerance for length.
static const double lengthRegion
 Tolerance for region.
static const double metricEpsilon
 Tolerance for distance in iterative functions.
static const double metricRegion
 Indistinguishable metric region.
static const double metricPrecision
 Metric tolerance.
static const double metricAccuracy
 Maximum metric tolerance.
static const double metricNear
 Metric proximity tolerance.
static const double angleEpsilon
 Minimum distinguishable angle.
static const double angleRegion
 Indistinguishable angular region.
static const double lengthMin
 Square of minimum distinguishable length.
static const double lengthMax
 Maximum metric length in system.
static const double minLength
 Minimum legal length.
static const double maxLength
 Maximum legal length.
static const double minRadius
 Minimum legal radius.
static const double maxRadius
 Maximum legal radius.
static const double metricDelta
 Metric offset.
static const double paramDeltaMin
 Minimum increment of parameter.
static const double paramDeltaMax
 Maximum increment of parameter.
static const double deltaMin
 Minimum increment.
static const double deltaMax
 Maximum increment.
static GroupVariable LengthEps
 Length calculation tolerance (PARAM_PRECISION).
static GroupVariable AngleEps
 Angular tolerance.
static GroupVariable NewtonEps
 Tolerance of numerical solution of equation.
static GroupVariable NewtonReg
 Solution of equation checking tolerance.
static GroupVariable paramEpsilon
 Curve parameter tolerance.
static GroupVariable paramRegion
 Curve parameter checking tolerance.
static GroupVariable paramPrecision
 Parametric tolerance.
static GroupVariable paramAccuracy
 The largest parametric tolerance.
static GroupVariable paramNear
 Parametric proximity.
static DoubleVariable lowRenderAng
 Angle for minimum mapping segments count.
static DoubleVariable higRenderAng
 Angle for maximum mapping segments count.
static DoubleVariable deviateSag
 Angular tolerance.
static DoubleVariable visualSag
 Value of sag for visualization.
static SizeVariable newtonCount
 Number of approximations in iterative method.
static SizeVariable newtonLimit
 Iterations count for solving system of equations by Newton method.
static SizeVariable curveDegree
 Curve degree (NURBS_DEGREE).
static SizeVariable uSurfaceDegree
 Surface degree by U.
static SizeVariable vSurfaceDegree
 Surface degree by V.
static size_t tempIndex
 Temporary coefficient\index.
static const MbRefItemselectCurve
 Stored object (for debug).
static const MbRefItemselectSurface
 Stored object (for debug).
static const MbRefItemselectEdge
 Stored object (for debug).
static const MbRefItemselectFace
 Stored object (for debug).
static const MbRefItemselectSolid
 Stored object (for debug).

Detailed Description

Common static data of algorithms and functions.

Common static data contains constants used in computations as limit quantities.
Static data cannot be changed.

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