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MathItemCopyProperty< Type > Class Template Reference

The property of the object. More...

#include <mb_property.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MathItemCopyProperty (MbePrompt name, const Type &initValue, bool change, uint32 n=0)
 Constructor by parameters. More...
virtual ~MathItemCopyProperty ()
PrePropType IsA () const override
 Get type of property.
void GetCharValue (TCHAR *v) const override
 Get string value of the property. Deprecated method, use GetCharValue_s() in combination with GetCharLen() instead.
void GetProperties (MbProperties &) override
 Get tuple of the complex property (non-atomic object).
void _GetPropertyValue (void *v, size_t) const override
 Get value of the property.
void SetPropertyValue (TCHAR *) override
 Set the new value of the property.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MbProperty
 MbProperty (MbePrompt name, bool change=true)
 Constructor by parameters. More...
virtual ~MbProperty ()
virtual size_t GetCharLen () const
 Get buffer size, sufficient to accommodate the string value of the property. More...
virtual bool GetCharValue_s (TCHAR *, size_t) const
 Get the string value of the property as a string with a terminal null. More...
virtual void SetProperties (const MbProperties &)
 Set tuple of the complex property (non-atomic object).
virtual size_t GetPrompt () const
 Get a hint.
MbePromptSetPrompt ()
 Get a hint.
bool IsChangeable () const
 Is it possible to change data.

Public Attributes

Type value
uint32 number

Detailed Description

template<class Type>
class MathItemCopyProperty< Type >

The property of the object.

Wrapper that implements property of an object with its ownership setting.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MathItemCopyProperty()

template<class Type >
MathItemCopyProperty< Type >::MathItemCopyProperty ( MbePrompt  name,
const Type &  initValue,
bool  change,
uint32  n = 0 

Constructor by parameters.

Constructor by parameters.

[in]name- Number of hint string.
[in]initValue- Object.
[in]change- The flag of edibility.
[in]n- Number.

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