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Break. More...

#include <cur_contour_with_breaks.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbBreak ()
 Constructor of an empty break. More...
 MbBreak (const MbBreak &other)
Functions for access to data.
size_t PartsCount () const
 < The number of parts.
MbBreaksPartGetPart (size_t number) const
 A part by the number. More...
Functions for changing data.
void AddPart (MbBreaksPart part)
 Add a part of break.
void DeleteParts ()
 Remove all parts of break.
void DeletePart (size_t number)
 Remove a part. More...
void Move (const MbVector &to)
 Move. More...
void Rotate (const MbCartPoint &pnt, const MbDirection &angle)
 Rotate. More...
void Transform (const MbMatrix &matr)
 Transform. More...

Detailed Description


Contour break.
For using in the contour with break MbContourWithBreaks.
The break consists of parts MbBreaksPart all of which are on the same segment of the contour.

The break can have 1 or 2 parts. If the break must be located more than three segments it has two parts, corresponding to the first and the last segments.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MbBreak()

MbBreak::MbBreak ( )

Constructor of an empty break.

Constructor of an empty break.

Such break can not be in the contour with break MbContourWithBreaks. It will be removed when rebuilding.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPart()

MbBreaksPart& MbBreak::GetPart ( size_t  number) const

A part by the number.

A part by the number of the break part.

A number isn't checked for correctness.

[in]number- The number of break part must be less than the number of parts.
Reference to part of break.

◆ DeletePart()

void MbBreak::DeletePart ( size_t  number)

Remove a part.

Remove a part of break by the number.

A number Is checked for correctness. If the number isn't less than the number of parts the break doesn't change.

[in]number- The number of break part must be less than the number of parts.

◆ Move()

void MbBreak::Move ( const MbVector to)


Move by vector.

[in]to- Movement vector.

◆ Rotate()

void MbBreak::Rotate ( const MbCartPoint pnt,
const MbDirection angle 


Rotate at angle around a point.

[in]pnt- A point is a rotation center.
[in]angle- A two-dimensional normalized vector which defines a rotation angle.

◆ Transform()

void MbBreak::Transform ( const MbMatrix matr)


Transform according to matrix.

[in]matr- Transformation matrix.

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