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Part of break. More...

#include <cur_contour_with_breaks.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbBreaksPart (size_t sNumber, double fixVar, double len, const MbCartPoint &p)
 Constructor. More...
 MbBreaksPart (const MbBreaksPart &other)

Functions for access to data.
size_t GetSegmentNumber () const
 A number of the contour segment.
double GetFixedVar () const
 fixed variable
double GetLength () const
 Length of the break part.
const MbCartPointGetFixedPoint () const
 Fixed point.

Functions for changing data.
void SetSegmentNumber (size_t newNumber)
 Change a number of the contour segment.
void SetFixedFar (double newFixedVar)
 Change a fixed variable.
void SetLength (double newLength)
 Change the length of the break part.
void SetFixedPoint (const MbCartPoint &point)
 Change a fixed point.
void Move (const MbVector &to)
 Move. More...
void Rotate (const MbCartPoint &pnt, const MbDirection &angle)
 Rotate. More...
void Transform (const MbMatrix &matr)
 Transformation. More...
void ChangeSegNumber (ptrdiff_t deltaN)
 Change a number of the segment. More...

Detailed Description

Part of break.

Part of multiline contour break. Applicable to one segment of the contour.
For using in the break MbBreak.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MbBreaksPart()

MbBreaksPart::MbBreaksPart ( size_t  sNumber,
double  fixVar,
double  len,
const MbCartPoint p 


Constructor by a number of segment, fixed variable, length, fixed point.

[in]sNumber- Number of contour segment where a part of break is located.
[in]fixVar- Fixed variable:
for segment - distance to projection of the fixed point,
In general case - a value which is equal to ( tMax - tCentre ) / ( tCentre - tMin ), where
tMin - minimal parameter of the segment,
tMax - maximal parameter of the segment,
tCentre - parameter of the break part center.
[in]len- Length of the break part:
for segment - metric length,
In the general case - parametric length.
[in]p- Fixed point:
for segment - used to bind part of the break,
in general case - it is useless.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Move()

void MbBreaksPart::Move ( const MbVector to)


Move by vector.

[in]to- Movement vector.

◆ Rotate()

void MbBreaksPart::Rotate ( const MbCartPoint pnt,
const MbDirection angle 


Rotate at angle around a point.

[in]pnt- A point is a rotation center.
[in]angle- A two-dimensional normalized vector which defines a rotation angle.

◆ Transform()

void MbBreaksPart::Transform ( const MbMatrix matr)


Transform according to matrix.

[in]matr- Transformation matrix.

◆ ChangeSegNumber()

void MbBreaksPart::ChangeSegNumber ( ptrdiff_t  deltaN)

Change a number of the segment.

Change a number of the segment by a given value.
The number of the segment does not change if the amount of change is negative and greater in absolute value than the number.

[in]deltaN- Increase value of the segment number.

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