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MbCurveExtensionParameters Class Reference

Parameters of the curve extension. More...

#include <op_curve_parameter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbCurveExtensionParameters (const MbCurveExtensionEnds &paramStart, const MbCurveExtensionEnds &paramEnd, const bool allowClosure, const MbSNameMaker &operName)
 Constructor. More...
 MbCurveExtensionParameters (const MbCurveExtensionParameters &other)
 Constructor. More...
 MbCurveExtensionParameters (TapeInit tapeInit)
 Constructor. More...
 ~MbCurveExtensionParameters ()
bool IsEqual (const MbCurveExtensionParameters &other) const
 Return true if *this == other.
void SwapEnds ()
 Swap the parameters of curve's ends.
const MbCurveExtensionEndsGetEndsParameters (const bool inStart) const
 The Current parameters to extend. More...
const MbSNameMakerGetNameMaker () const
 Get the object defining names generation in the operation.
bool IsClosureAllowed () const
 Get the information about closure allowing.
VERSION GetVersion () const
 Version of the operation.
double GetMinUnclosedGap () const
 Minimal gap value (in parametric space) for case when closed result curves are forbidden.
MbCurveExtensionParametersoperator= (const MbCurveExtensionParameters &other)
 Assignment operator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MbPrecision
 MbPrecision ()
 Default constructor.
 MbPrecision (double _precision, double _deviation)
 Constructor by the specified precision.
 MbPrecision (const MbPrecision &other)
 ~MbPrecision ()
void Init (const MbPrecision &other)
 Initialization function.
void Init (double _precision)
 Initialization function.
MbPrecisionoperator= (const MbPrecision &other)
 Assignment operator.
bool IsSame (const MbPrecision &other, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?
double GetPrecision () const
 Get precision.
void SetPrecision (double a)
 Set precision.

Protected Attributes

MbCurveExtensionEnds _paramStart
 The parameters to extend to the start point.
MbCurveExtensionEnds _paramEnd
 The parameters to extend to the end point.
c3d::SNameMakerSPtr _operName
 An object defining names generation in the operation. It is always not nullptr.
bool _allowClosure
 Whether closure is allowed. It is allowed by default.
- Protected Attributes inherited from MbPrecision
double precision
 The metric precision of the construction of objects.
double deviation
 The angular precision of the construction of objects.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MbPrecision
static double GetMaxMetricTolerance ()
 Get the maximum metric tolerance. More...
static double GetMaxAngleTolerance ()
 Get the maximum angular tolerance. More...

Detailed Description

Parameters of the curve extension.

Parameters of the curve extension.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MbCurveExtensionParameters() [1/3]

MbCurveExtensionParameters::MbCurveExtensionParameters ( const MbCurveExtensionEnds paramStart,
const MbCurveExtensionEnds paramEnd,
const bool  allowClosure,
const MbSNameMaker operName 


Constructor by parameters.

[in]paramStart- Parameters of extension to the start point.
[in]paramEnd- Parameters of extension from the end point.
[in]allowClosure- Whether closure of the extended curve is allowed.
[in]operName- An object defining names generation in the operation.

◆ MbCurveExtensionParameters() [2/3]

MbCurveExtensionParameters::MbCurveExtensionParameters ( const MbCurveExtensionParameters other)


Copy constructor.

◆ MbCurveExtensionParameters() [3/3]

MbCurveExtensionParameters::MbCurveExtensionParameters ( TapeInit  tapeInit)


Constructor for reading.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetEndsParameters()

const MbCurveExtensionEnds& MbCurveExtensionParameters::GetEndsParameters ( const bool  inStart) const

The Current parameters to extend.

The Current parameters to extend at he curve end.

[in]inStart- It is true for start point of the curve and false for its end point.

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