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The common operation results. More...

#include <op_binding_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbOperationResults ()
 Default constructor.
 MbOperationResults (double tolerance)
 Constructor by the specified precision.
 MbOperationResults (const MbOperationResults &other)
 ~MbOperationResults ()
void Init (const c3d::BaseHotPointAttrSPtr &hotPoint, double accuracy=METRIC_EPSILON)
 Initialization function.
bool IsSame (const MbOperationResults &other, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?
double GetTolerance () const
 Get tolerance of the constructed objects.
const c3d::BaseHotPointAttrSPtrGetHotPointAttribute () const
 Get hot-point's attribute.
c3d::BaseHotPointAttrSPtrSetHotPointAttribute ()
 Set hot-point's attribute.
MbOperationResultsoperator= (const MbOperationResults &other)
 Assignment operator.

Protected Attributes

double _tolerance
 The tolerance of the constructed objects.
c3d::BaseHotPointAttrSPtr _hotPoint
 Hot-point's attribute.

Detailed Description

The common operation results.

The class contains the tolerance of the constructed objects and also
additional data in the form of hot points.

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