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Sketch diagnostic parameters. More...

#include <plane_instance.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbSketchCheckParameters ()
bool CanSetThisCheckType (MbResultType errorType) const
 Can I set this type of check?
void AddCheckType (MbResultType errorType)
 Add a sketch verification type.
void SetMetricEpsilon (double mEpsilon)
 Set metric tolerance.
void SetAngleEpsilon (double aEpsilon)
 Set angular tolerance.
bool IsErrorTypeSetToCheck (MbResultType errorType) const
 Do I need to check for errors like errorType.
double GetMetricEpsilon () const
 Get metric tolerance.
double GetAngleEpsilon () const
 Get angular tolerance.

Detailed Description

Sketch diagnostic parameters.

Sketch diagnostic parameters with a set of necessary checks. By default, all checks are performed.

Possible checks:

  • checking contours for intersections (rt_Intersection),
  • self-intersections (rt_SelfIntersection),
  • searching for gaps (rt_ContourGapError),
  • searching overlaps (rt_ContourSegmentsOverlapError),
  • correspondence of the flag of closure and actual closure (rt_MustBeOpen, rt_MustBeClosed),
  • check of tangent smooth joining of segments ( G1 ) with the specified angular tolerance (rt_ContourSegmentsNoTangentJoint).

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