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plane_instance.h File Reference

Instance of a two-dimensional object. More...

#include <model_item.h>
#include <mb_placement3d.h>
#include <templ_sptr.h>
#include <vector>


class  MbPlaneInstance
 Instance of a two-dimensional sketch objects. More...
class  MbSketchErrors
 A set of errors is the result of a sketch diagnosis. More...
class  MbSketchCheckParameters
 Sketch diagnostic parameters. More...


 C3D namespace declaration.


void CheckSketch (const MbPlaneInstance &planeInstance, const MbSketchCheckParameters &parameters, MbSketchErrors &errors)
 Check sketch. More...

Detailed Description

Instance of a two-dimensional object.

Function Documentation

◆ CheckSketch()

void CheckSketch ( const MbPlaneInstance planeInstance,
const MbSketchCheckParameters parameters,
MbSketchErrors errors 

Check sketch.

Sketch diagnostics. Checking contours for intersections (rt_Intersection), self-intersections (rt_SelfIntersection), searching for gaps (rt_ContourGapError) and overlaps (rt_ContourSegmentsOverlapError), correspondence of the flag of closure and actual closure (rt_MustBeOpen, rt_MustBeClosed).

[in]planeInstance- A sketch containing a set of contours.
[in]parameters- Parameters of check.
[out]errors- Errors set.