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An argument of geometric constraint. More...

#include <constraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

const MbItemSubItemOf (const MbAssembly *, MbMatrix3D &trans) const
 Get immediate object of the assembly containing the reference object. More...
const MbItemHostItem () const
 Geometry model object which is a host of an argument.
const MbRefItemPropItem () const
 Geometric constraint argument given in the host's LCS. More...
SimpleName GetPropName () const
 Get hash code of the path from the root to the item.
SimpleName GetHash () const
 Get assembly that hosts geom object with entity connected to constraint.
MtGeomVariant PropGeom () const
 Get geometric value of argument given in the host LCS.
SimpleName PropName () const
 Get a hash name of the object.
bool IsSame (const MtGeomArgument &r) const
 Are objects equal?
bool IsSameItemReference (const MtGeomArgument &r) const
 Are the references to the model object equal?
bool operator== (const MtGeomArgument &) const
 Objects equality operator.
MtGeomArgumentoperator= (const MtGeomArgument &)
 Copy operator.

Static Public Attributes

static const MtGeomArgument null
 An empty argument.

Detailed Description

An argument of geometric constraint.

The constraint argument is any model object that connected to a geometric constraint or dimension. MtGeomArgument keeps a reference to the MbRefItem object belonging to the assembly item (MbItem) and thus can address any geometric objects contained in the root assembly (MbAssembly). For example, the constraint can point to the face of the MbSolid, which in turn belongs to the assembly (MbAssembly).
Note that solids in the assembly are usually present in the form of MbInstance, and then the constraint argument stores the chain: Root assembly -> Instance -> Solid -> Face. n Also MtGeomArgument takes into account that the constraint can refer to model elements lying inside subassemblies recursively.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SubItemOf()

const MbItem* MtGeomArgument::SubItemOf ( const MbAssembly ,
MbMatrix3D trans 
) const

Get immediate object of the assembly containing the reference object.

trans- Matrix from the reference object to the sub-item of the assembly.

◆ PropItem()

const MbRefItem* MtGeomArgument::PropItem ( ) const

Geometric constraint argument given in the host's LCS.

Get name of a connected element.

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