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CylinderRep class is an auxiliary class and presents API to control CylinderGeometry geometry. More...

#include <vsn_cylinderrep.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CylinderRep (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~CylinderRep ()
double GetHeight () const
 Returns cylinder height.
double GetRadius () const
 Returns cylinder radius.
int GetPolygonStep () const
 Returns polygon step.
void SetPolygonStep (int polyStep)
 Sets polygon step that must be greater than zero.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::GeometryRep
 GeometryRep (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
 GeometryRep (Geometry *pGeometry, Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Constructor by geometry parameters of the object.
virtual ~GeometryRep ()
bool IsReferenceEmpty () const
 Checks if reference is empty.
bool IsLoaded () const
 Checks if representation is loaded.
const StringGetNameRep () const
 Returns representation name.
void SetNameRep (const String &name)
 Sets representation name.
GeometryGetGeomByKey (const NodeKey &key) const
 Returns geometry data by unique key.
GeometryGetGeomAt (size_t index) const
 Returns geometry data by index.
const ObjectList< Geometry * > & GetGeomList () const
 Returns geometry data list.
size_t GetGeometryCount () const
 Returns body count.
virtual bool IsEmpty () const
 True if representation array is empty.
bool IsBoundingBoxValid () const
 True if bounding box is valid.
MbCube GetBoundingBox () const
 Returns bounding box of representation.
bool IsGeometryInRep (Geometry *pGeom)
 True if representation contains geometry data.
size_t GetFaceCount () const
 Returns face count.
size_t GetVertexCount () const
 Returns vertex count.
size_t GetMaterialCount () const
 Returns material count.
std::set< Material * > GetMaterials () const
 Returns set of materials.
float GetVolume () const
 Returns representation volume.
void AddGeometry (Geometry *pGeom)
 Adds geometry data to the representation.
void DeleteEmptyGeometry ()
 Deletes empty geometry data and update materials.
void Clear ()
 Deletes all geometry data.
void ReverseNormals ()
 Reverses direction of all geometry normals.
virtual void ReplaceRep (GeometryRep *pRep)
 Replaces the representation.
void ReplaceMaterialById (const NodeKey &oldKey, Material *pMaterial)
 Replaces the specified material.
void TransformGeometriesByMatrix (const Matrix3DF &matrix)
 Transforms mesh vertices by given matrix.
virtual GeometryRepoperator= (const GeometryRep &)
 Assignment operator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Node
 Node (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Constructor with parent.
virtual ~Node ()
NodeKey GetUniqueKey () const
 Returns key identifing Node instance.
void SetUniqueKey (const NodeKey &key)
 Sets the unique key for the instance.
NodeKey GetCustomKey () const
 Returns custom key identifing Node instance.
void SetCustomKey (const NodeKey &key)
 Sets the custom unique key for the instance.
NodeGetParentNode () const
 Returns pointer to the parent object or nullptr if no parent.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Returns the Node enabled flag. By default, the flag is always on.
ObjectList< Node * > GetChildNodes () const
 Return an array of child nodes for this node.
void SetParent (Node *pParent)
 Sets parent object to the object.
bool IsNotificationsBlocked () const
 True if notifications are blocked, otherwise, False.
bool SetBlockNotifications (bool block)
 Sets blocking of notifications and returns the previous blocking value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Object
 Object (Object *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
void SetParent (Object *pParent)
MutexGetMutex ()
 Object mutex.
String GetObjectName () const
 Returns name.
void SetObjectName (const String &name)
 Sets name.
bool IsControlType () const
ObjectGetParent () const
Variant GetProperty (const String &name) const
bool IsSignalsBlocked () const
bool SetBlockSignals (bool bBlock)
void AddEventListener (Object *pObject)
void RemoveEventListener (Object *pObject)
ObjectGetSender () const
Thread * GetThread () const
void BindWithThread (Thread *thread)
int StartTimer (int interval, TimerType timerType=tt_CoarseTimer)
void KillTimer (int id)
const ObjectList< Object * > & GetChildren () const
template<typename T >
FindChild (const String &objName=String()) const
template<typename T >
ObjectList< T > FindChildren (const String &objName=String(), VSN::ChildFindingPolicies policies=VSN::FindAllNestedChildren) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::BasicObject
 BasicObject ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~BasicObject ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from VSN::GeometryRep
 GeometryRep (GeometryRepPrivate &dd, Node *parent=nullptr)
 Signal about the end of rebuilding the whole geometry. More...
virtual void SceneModificationEvent (const std::shared_ptr< SceneModification > &modification) override
 The function is called in case of scene being modified.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VSN::Node
 Node (NodePrivate &dd, Node *pParent)
 Sets the node enable flag. More...

Detailed Description

CylinderRep class is an auxiliary class and presents API to control CylinderGeometry geometry.

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