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#include <vsn_geomsamples.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GeomPolylineObject (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~GeomPolylineObject ()
virtual const MbCubeGetBoundingBox () const override
 Get a bounding box.
bool IsEmpty () const
 Determine whether the object is empty.
uint AddPolyline (const std::vector< float > &data)
 Add a vector of points of polyline.
uint AddPolyline (const std::vector< MbCartPoint3D > &points)
 Add a vector of points of polyline.
uint AddPolyline (const std::vector< MbFloatPoint3D > &pointsList)
 Add a vector of points of polyline.
virtual void Clear ()
 Clear the object.
virtual void UpdateGeometry () override
 A copy operator. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::WireframeGeometry
 WireframeGeometry (Node *pParent=nullptr)
virtual ~WireframeGeometry ()
bool IsValid () const
 Checks if geometry is valid.
bool HasMaterial () const
 Checks if material is set.
MaterialGetHeadMaterial () const
 Returns the first material from the table.
size_t GetMaterialCount () const override
 Returns material count from the table.
MaterialGetMaterialById (NodeKey id) const
 Returns the pointer corresponding to the identifier.
std::set< Material * > GetMaterialSet () const override
 Returns material table.
std::list< NodeKeyGetMaterialIds () const
 Returns material identifier list.
virtual bool HasMaterialById (const NodeKey &key) const override
 Checks if the material with set identifier exists in the table.
const MbCubeGetWireBoundingBox () const
 Returns wireframe bounding box.
bool IsBoundingBoxValid () const override
 Checks if bounding box is valid.
bool IsTransparent () const override
 Checks if geometry is transparent.
bool IsExistTransparentMaterials () const
 Checks if transparent material exists in the table.
bool IsColorEachVertex () const
 Checks if color of each vertex is set.
void SetColorEachVertex (bool bColorEachVertex)
 Sets flag of setting color for each vertex.
bool IsWireframe () const
 Checks if geometry is wireframe.
virtual size_t GetFaceCount (size_t indexLod=0) const override
 Returns face count.
virtual size_t GetVertexCount () const override
 Returns vertex count.
float GetLineWidth () const
 Returns line width(functions are overloaded for convenience).
void SetLineWidth (float lineWidth)
 Sets line width(functions are overloaded for convenience).
float GetSelectedLineWidth () const
 Returns width of the selected line(functions are overloaded for convenience).
void SetSelectedLineWidth (float lineWidth)
 Sets width of the selected line(functions are overloaded for convenience).
Color GetWireframeColor () const
 Returns wireframe color(functions are overloaded for convenience).
void SetWireframeColor (const Color &color)
 Sets wireframe color(functions are overloaded for convenience).
virtual Pen GetPen () const override
 Get pen.
virtual void SetPen (const Pen &pen) override
 Set pen.
bool IsWireframeEmpty () const
 Checks if wireframe is empty.
std::vector< float > GetWireFrameVertexPositions () const
 Returns vertex positions.
int GetPolylineCount () const
 Returns polyline count.
uint GetPolylineOffset (int index) const
 Returns polyline offset with set index in the container.
int GetPolylineSize (int index) const
 Returns size of polyline with given index.
virtual bool IsIgnorePixelCulling () const override
virtual void IgnorePixelCulling (bool value)
virtual void TransformVerticesByMatrix (const Matrix3DF &matrix) override
 Transforms mesh vertices by the matrix.
virtual void ReplaceMainMaterial (Material *) override
 Replaces the main material.
void AddMaterial (Material *pMaterial)
 Adds material to the table.
virtual void UpdateTransparentMaterialCount () override
 Updates transparent material count after table operations.
virtual void InvertNormals () override
 Inverts direction of all vertex normals.
virtual void SetLevelDetail (int value) override
 \ ru Задать уровень детализации в диапазоне от 0 до 100. Sets LOD in the range from 0 to 100.
uint AddPolygonGroup (const std::vector< float > &vector, uint id=0)
 Adds vertex group and returns its identifier.
uint AddPoligonQuadrangleGroup (const std::vector< float > &vector)
 Adds vertex quadrangle grid group and returns its identifier.
void SetUseGlobalIdentifier (int global)
 Sets if the global identifier will be used.
virtual void CopyVertexBufferToClientSide ()
 Copies vertex buffer into memory.
virtual void ReleaseVertexBufferClientSide (bool update=false)
 Creates vertex buffer.
virtual void PickObjectsInsideRect (const MbRect &rect, const Matrix3DF &viewMatrix, const Matrix3DF &mx, Filter filter, bool bUnifying, HitList &hits) override
virtual TranslucentValue GetTranslucentValue () const override
 Translucent value.
virtual void DoRender (const RenderState &) override
 Performs rendering.
virtual void Render (RenderContext &) override
 Performs rendering.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Geometry
 Geometry (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~Geometry ()
void SetDoubleSidedLighting (bool value)
 Set double side lighting.
bool IsDoubleSidedLighting () const
 Does geometry use double sided lighting.
void SetVisible (bool value)
 Set the visibility value to the geometry object.
bool IsVisible () const
 Check the visibility value.
virtual bool IsAnnotation () const
virtual float GetVolume ()
 Returns geometry volume.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Node
 Node (Node *pParent=nullptr)
 Constructor with parent.
virtual ~Node ()
NodeKey GetUniqueKey () const
 Returns key identifing Node instance.
void SetUniqueKey (const NodeKey &key)
 Sets the unique key for the instance.
NodeKey GetCustomKey () const
 Returns custom key identifing Node instance.
void SetCustomKey (const NodeKey &key)
 Sets the custom unique key for the instance.
NodeGetParentNode () const
 Returns pointer to the parent object or nullptr if no parent.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Returns the Node enabled flag. By default, the flag is always on.
ObjectList< Node * > GetChildNodes () const
 Return an array of child nodes for this node.
void SetParent (Node *pParent)
 Sets parent object to the object.
bool IsNotificationsBlocked () const
 True if notifications are blocked, otherwise, False.
bool SetBlockNotifications (bool block)
 Sets blocking of notifications and returns the previous blocking value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::Object
 Object (Object *pParent=nullptr)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
void SetParent (Object *pParent)
MutexGetMutex ()
 Object mutex.
String GetObjectName () const
 Returns name.
void SetObjectName (const String &name)
 Sets name.
bool IsControlType () const
ObjectGetParent () const
Variant GetProperty (const String &name) const
bool IsSignalsBlocked () const
bool SetBlockSignals (bool bBlock)
void AddEventListener (Object *pObject)
void RemoveEventListener (Object *pObject)
ObjectGetSender () const
Thread * GetThread () const
void BindWithThread (Thread *thread)
int StartTimer (int interval, TimerType timerType=tt_CoarseTimer)
void KillTimer (int id)
const ObjectList< Object * > & GetChildren () const
template<typename T >
FindChild (const String &objName=String()) const
template<typename T >
ObjectList< T > FindChildren (const String &objName=String(), VSN::ChildFindingPolicies policies=VSN::FindAllNestedChildren) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSN::BasicObject
 BasicObject ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~BasicObject ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OpenGLDraw (const RenderState &state) override
 Draw a polyline.
void MeshToPoints (const MbMesh &mesh)
virtual void BuildWireframe ()
 Create a wireframe.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VSN::WireframeGeometry
virtual void OGLInitGeom (const RenderState &)
 Performs rendering.
void OGLDrawWireframe (const RenderState &, uint mode)
 Renders wireframe in one of the modes: GL_POINTS, GL_LINE_STRIP, GL_LINE_LOOP GL_LINES.
void ClearWireframe ()
 Clears all wireframe.
 WireframeGeometry (WireframeGeometryPrivate &dd, Node *pParent)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VSN::Geometry
ObjectVector< GeometryTraits * > GetGeometryTraits () const
 Returns list of geometry data from this object.
void AddGeometryTraits (GeometryTraits *pTraits)
 Adds data group of geometric solid body.
void RemoveGeometryTraits (GeometryTraits *pTraits)
 Removes data group of geometric solid body.
 Geometry (GeometryPrivate &dd, Node *pParent)
 Signal about the end of rebuilding the whole geometry. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VSN::Node
 Node (NodePrivate &dd, Node *pParent)
 Sets the node enable flag. More...
virtual void SceneModificationEvent (const std::shared_ptr< SceneModification > &modification)
 The function is called in case of scene being modified.

Detailed Description


Set of points connected by a polyline.

Member Function Documentation

◆ UpdateGeometry()

virtual void VSN::GeomPolylineObject::UpdateGeometry ( )

A copy operator.

Updates geometry by new data.

Reimplemented from VSN::Geometry.

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