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The bead parameters. More...

#include <sheet_metal_param.h>

Public Types

enum  MbeBeadType { btRound = 0 , btVType , btUType , btHalfRound }
 Type of the bead. More...
enum  MbeBeadEndType { betClosed , betChopped }
 Type of bead tip. More...

Public Member Functions

 MbBeadValues ()
 Default constructor.
 MbBeadValues (const MbBeadValues &other)
 MbBeadValues (double h, double bottomW, double baseR, double bottomR, double ang, double g, bool rev, MbeBeadType bt, MbeBeadEndType bet)
 Constructor by specific parameters.
void Init (const MbBeadValues &other)
 Initialize by another object.
MbBeadValuesoperator= (const MbBeadValues &other)
 Assignment operator.
bool IsSame (const MbBeadValues &other, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?

Public Attributes

double hight
 Height of the bead.
double bottomWidth
 Width of the convex part.
double baseFilletRadius
 Fillet radius of the base.
double bottomFilletRadius
 Fillet radius of the bottom.
double angle
 Draft angle of sidewalls.
double gap
 Gap of chopped tip.
bool reverse
 Direction of the bead construction.
MbeBeadType beadType
 Type of the bead.
MbeBeadEndType endType
 Type of tip.

Detailed Description

The bead parameters.

Bead is constructed by open or closed contour. Tips are constructed at the ends of open contour, shape of which is defined by endType parameter. Shape of the bead is defined by beadType parameter.
Height of the bead - is the distance from planar face on which it is constructed to the farthest point of bead.
The bottomWidth parameter defines the bottom width of U-shaped bead.
The angle parameter defines the deviation angle of sidewalls from the vertical in radians. If the height, fillet radius of the bottom and the base such that the sidewalls are absent, then angle parameter is ignored.
The reverse parameter determines the direction of construction - along the normal to planar face if false or along opposite to the normal if true.

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