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The parameters of jalousie. More...

#include <sheet_metal_param.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbJalousieValues ()
 Default constructor.
 MbJalousieValues (const MbJalousieValues &other)
 MbJalousieValues (double wid, double high, double radius, double coef, bool rev, bool left, bool stretch, bool norm)
 Constructor by specific parameters.
void Init (const MbJalousieValues &other)
 Initialize by another object.
MbJalousieValuesoperator= (const MbJalousieValues &other)
 Assignment operator.
bool IsSame (const MbJalousieValues &other, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?

Public Attributes

double width
double hight
double filletRadius
 The fillet radius.
double k
 Coefficient determining the position of the neutral layer.
bool reverse
 Direction of jalousie construction.
bool leftSide
 The segment side which jalousie are constructed by.
bool stretching
bool normToThick
 Along the normal to thickness.

Detailed Description

The parameters of jalousie.

Jalousie are built from one or more segments.
If stretching parameter has value false - jalousie is built in the form of the bent plate, otherwise - with a semicircular profile.
Height of jalousie - is the distance from planar face to the uppermost of jalousie point. Width - is transverse size of cut in the sheet without taking into account the fillet radius.
Coefficient of neutral layer-k is taken into account when calculating the transverse size of the deflected jalousie.
If reverse = false, then jalousie is built along the normal direction of sheet face, true - along the opposite direction.
The normToThick parameter defines the shape of end of the deflected jalousie, if true - the tip is built along the normal to the deflected plate, if false - along the normal to the base sheet face.

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