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Data for operation dimensions. More...

#include <position_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbPositionData ()
 Empty constructor.
 MbPositionData (const MbCartPoint3D &p1, const MbCartPoint3D &p2, const MbCartPoint3D &_or, const MbVector3D &nor, double t, const MbName &n)
 Constructor by thicknesses and closedness.
 MbPositionData (const MbPositionData &other)
 ~MbPositionData ()
void Init (const MbPositionData &other)
 Copy function of data.
const MbCartPoint3DGetPoint1 () const
 The first control point.
const MbCartPoint3DGetPoint2 () const
 The second control point.
const MbCartPoint3DGetOrigin () const
 The starting point.
const MbVector3DNormal () const
 Plane normal of dimension.
const double & GetParam () const
 Position of dimension in percentage of edge length.
const MbNameGetName () const
 A name of an object.
void operator= (const MbPositionData &other)
 Assignment operator.

Public Attributes

MbCartPoint3D point1
 Support point of dimension.
MbCartPoint3D point2
 Support point of dimension.
MbCartPoint3D origin
 Start point or center.
MbVector3D normal
 Plane normal of dimension.
double param
 Position of dimension in percentage of edge length.
MbName itemName
 A name of an object.

Detailed Description

Data for operation dimensions.

Data for positioning dimensions of operations of fillet and chamfer of edges.

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