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Parameters of a rib. More...

#include <op_swept_parameter.h>

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Public Types

enum  ExtrudeSide { es_Left = 0 , es_Right , es_Up , es_Down }
 The side to place the rib on. More...

Public Member Functions

 RibValues ()
 Default constructor.
 RibValues (double t1, double t2, double a1, double a2, int s)
 Constructor by thickness, angles and filling space.
 RibValues (const RibValues &other)
virtual ~RibValues ()
virtual bool IsRibValues () const
 This is "rib" parameters?
virtual bool IsSame (const SweptValues &other, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?
void Init (const RibValues &other)
 Copy function.
RibValuesoperator= (const RibValues &other)
 Assignment operator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SweptValues
 SweptValues ()
 Default constructor.
 SweptValues (double t1, double t2, bool c=true)
 Constructor by thicknesses and closedness.
 SweptValues (const SweptValues &other)
virtual ~SweptValues ()
virtual bool IsExtrusionValues () const
 This is extrusion parameters?
virtual bool IsRevolutionValues () const
 This is rotation parameters?
virtual bool IsEvolutionValues () const
 This is "evolution" parameters?
virtual bool IsLoftedValues () const
 This is "lofted" parameters?
virtual bool IsSimilar (const MbSweptData &other) const
 Determine whether the objects are similar.
virtual bool SetEqual (const MbSweptData &other)
 Make objects equal.
void Init (const SweptValues &other)
 Function of copying data.
bool IsShellClosed () const
 Get the closedness state.
void SetShellClosed (bool cl)
 Set the closedness state.
bool CheckSelfInt () const
 Get the state of flag of checking self-intersection.
void SetCheckSelfInt (bool c)
 Set the state of flag of checking self-intersection.
bool MergeFaces () const
 Whether to merge similar faces.
void SetMergingFaces (bool mf)
 Whether to merge similar faces.
bool MergeEdges () const
 Whether to merge similar edges.
void SetMergingEdges (bool me)
 Whether to merge similar edges.
const MbMergingFlagsMergingFlags () const
 Get control flags of shell items merging.
void SetMergingFlags (const MbMergingFlags &f)
 Set control flags of shell items merging.
void operator= (const SweptValues &other)
 Assignment operator.

Public Attributes

double angle1
 Draft angle of the plane along the forward direction.
double angle2
 Draft angle of the plane along the backward direction.
ExtrudeSide side
 The side to place the rib on.
- Public Attributes inherited from SweptValues
double thickness1
 Wall thickness (offset distance) along the forward direction. More...
double thickness2
 Wall thickness (offset distance) along the backward direction. More...
bool shellClosed
 Closedness of created shell.

Detailed Description

Parameters of a rib.

The construction parameters of rib by curve gives its shape.

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