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#include <mesh_float_point3d.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbFloatAxis3D ()
 Empty constructor. The axis is in the origin of global coordinates and coincides with the third axis of global coordinates.
 MbFloatAxis3D (const MbFloatPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbFloatVector3D &initAxisZ)
 Constructor by a point and a vector.
 MbFloatAxis3D (const MbCartPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbVector3D &initAxisZ)
 Constructor by a point and a vector.
 MbFloatAxis3D (const MbFloatPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbFloatPoint3D &initPoint)
 Constructor by two points.
 MbFloatAxis3D (const MbFloatAxis3D &initAxis)
 Constructor by another axis.
 MbFloatAxis3D (const MbAxis3D &initAxis)
 Constructor by another axis.
 ~MbFloatAxis3D ()
void Init (const MbFloatAxis3D &initAxis)
 The initialization by another axis.
void Init (const MbFloatPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbFloatVector3D &initAxisZ)
 The initialization by a point and a vector.
void Init (const MbCartPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbVector3D &initAxisZ)
 The initialization by a point and a vector.
void Init (const MbFloatPoint3D &initOrigin, const MbFloatPoint3D &initPoint)
 The initialization by two points.
bool IsSame (const MbFloatAxis3D &other, double accuracy) const
 Are the objects equal? More...
void PointOn (const float &t, MbFloatPoint3D &p) const
 Get the space point by a parameter on axis.
Functions of a three-dimensional object
void Transform (const MbMatrix3D &)
 Transform according to the matrix.
void Move (const MbVector3D &)
 Translate along a vector.
void Rotate (const MbAxis3D &, double angle)
 Rotate about an axis by an angle.
MbFloatAxis3DDuplicate () const
 Create a copy of the element.
float DistanceToPoint (const MbFloatPoint3D &) const
 Calculate distance to point.
float DistanceToSegment (const MbFloatPoint3D &p1, const MbFloatPoint3D &p2) const
 Calculate distance to segment.

bool PointProjection (const MbFloatPoint3D &pnt, float &tRes) const
 Calculate point projection to the exis.

Functions for access to fields.
const MbFloatPoint3DGetOrigin () const
 Get origin of axis.
const MbFloatVector3DGetAxisZ () const
 Get vector of axis.
MbFloatPoint3DSetOrigin ()
 Change origin of axis.
MbFloatVector3DSetAxisZ ()
 Change vector of axis.
MbFloatAxis3Doperator= (const MbFloatAxis3D &init)
 Assignment of values.

Detailed Description


Axis represents the vector attached to the fixed point.

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsSame()

bool MbFloatAxis3D::IsSame ( const MbFloatAxis3D other,
double  accuracy 
) const

Are the objects equal?

The objects are equal if their data are equal with a given accuracy.

[in]other- The object to compare.
[in]accuracy- The accuracy to compare.
Whether the objects are equal.

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