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Result of an unwrapping the mesh on a plane. More...

#include <op_mesh_parameter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbMeshUnwrapResult ()
 Default constructor.
 ~MbMeshUnwrapResult ()
const MbPlacement3DGetPlacement () const
 Get local coordinate system for mesh unwrapping.
const SPtr< MbMesh > & GetUnwrappedMesh () const
 Get the base mesh.
size_t GetNearestTriangleId () const
 Get the nearest triangle index.
void GetFlatUnwrappedMesh (SPtr< MbMesh > &flatMesh) const
 Calculate the flat unwrapped mesh.
void GetQuadMesh (double cellSize, SPtr< MbMesh > &quadMesh)
 Calculate the regular quad mesh with defined cell size.
void GetTrianglesDeformations (c3d::SpaceVectorsVector &deformations) const
 Get triangles deformations.
void GetTrianglesStrains (double young, c3d::DoubleVector &strains) const
 Get triangles strains for defined Young modulus.
void InitByParams (const MbMeshUnwrapParams &params)
 Functions for internal use. Initialize by parameters.
SPtr< MbMesh > & SetUnwrappedMesh ()
 Get the remeshed mesh.
void SetNearestTriangleId (size_t id)
 Set the nearest triangle index.

Protected Attributes

MbPlacement3D _place
 The local coordinate system for result surface.
double _coefPoisson
 The Poisson's ratio of face material.
size_t _idNearest
 Index of the nearest to the local coordinate system origin triangle.
SPtr< MbMesh_unwrappedMesh
 Result - mesh (3D copy of the mesh from MbMeshUnwrapParams ) with filled 2D parameters on the unwrapped plane.

Detailed Description

Result of an unwrapping the mesh on a plane.

Result of an unwrapping the mesh on a plane.

Under development.

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